Enterprise Architecture

The mission of the Enterprise Architecture group is to support a culture where enterprise data is used as an institutional asset.  The group is organized into six teams including Academic Information Technology, Business Intelligence, Central Support, Legacy Administration, Legacy Support, and Production Support. 

The market spaces that the Enterprise Architecture group supports includes Enterprise Data Generation, Enterprise Data Flow, Enterprise Data Storage, Enterprise Data Access, Embedded Support Services, and Data Infrastructure.

Enterprise Data Generation includes the following core services – Application Design, Development and Administration; Web Portal Design and Administration; Document Storage and Administration; Cloud-Based Application Management; On-Premises Application Management; and Cloud-Based Third-Party Product Management.
Enterprise Data Flow includes the core service Integration Design and Administration.
Supporting Enterprise Data Storage are the core services Database Design and Administration and Document Storage and Administration.

Enterprise Data Access is accomplished through the core services Operational Data Store Design and Administration; Data Mart Design and Administration; Business Intelligence Software Administration; Reporting/Analytics Design and Development; Development and Source System Reporting Administration; and Digital Learning Environment Design and Management.

Embedded Support Services includes the core service Direct User Support.
Data Infrastructure is the core service Mainframe Administration.