Torchbearer Award 2014

2014 Torchbearer Awards for Leadership in IT Advancement

Will Monroe, head of instructional technology with the Hebert Law Center, is recognized as a 2014 Torchbearer award recipient. Dr. Monroe has been instrumental in assisting ITS with the implementation and continued enhancement of several IT resources over the years. In recent months, he assisted in the planning and launching of the Panopto Lecture Capture pilot. He was also involved in the implementation of the Qualtrics Online Survey tool which ITS recently purchased. For the last several years since implementing Moodle as our campus-wide course management system, Dr. Monroe has assisted Academic Technology Services in the testing of features and providing feedback. He serves as a member of the Moodle Development Advisory Committee (MDAC). He has participated as a presenter at many events the Faculty Technology hosted throughout the years, and has assisted in several faculty support endeavors. Will Monroe’s efforts and involvement have made a positive impact at LSU, and his enthusiasm and dedication make him an invaluable member of the LSU community.

Our second 2014 recipient is Kevin Cope, an English faculty member who has strongly supported technology initiatives which impact our campus. Throughout his multiple terms as Faculty Senate President, Dr. Cope has been both our harshest critic and one of our most vocal advocates. Throughout the years, his honesty and forthright comments have forced us to alter direction, make changes, improve, and grow. We count on his candid assessments.  From appointments to the IT Governance Council,  changes to Moodle, embracing eduroam, and pointing out issues with wireless access, this person has become a vital partner to our success. Nothing gets deployed or changed significantly if it impacts the faculty IT experience without first securing his buy-in. If Dr. Cope is happy, we can be fairly confident that our faculty will be as well. When we are doing things well, he makes sure the campus knows it by publicly lauding our work in the Faculty Senate Newsletter.