William Palomares | LSU Political Science

Email:  wpalom1@lsu.edu 
Office:  330 Stubbs Hall


Dual major in Political Science and History, with a minor in Creative Writing, Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC (Dec. 2022)


William Palomares is currently pursuing his PhD in Political Theory at LSU.  As an undergraduate at Coastal Carolina University he completed two senior theses: "A War of Ideologies and their Realistic Outcomes: Capitalism and Communism" (relevant coursework included Intro to Political Theory, HIstory of Political Thought, Citizenship, Government & Economy, Comparative Politics, Social Policy, Scope of American Politics, International Relations, Discipline of Political Science); and "The Role of Christianity on Slavery in the American South" (relevant coursework included U.S. History 1876-1917, History of Colony/State of SC, Topics in Cold War, Cold War: Spain and Argentina, Senior Seminar).

Areas of Interest

Political Theory/History of Political Thought
Citizenship, Government and Economy
Comparative Politics
Social Policy
The Scope of American Politics
International Relations
Discipline of Political Science
Political Economy
Capitalist Theory as presented by the likes of Adam Smith
Marxist Theory as presented by the likes of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
The application of economic theory and its tangible results
Religion and Politics (Religion and Political Socialization, HIstory of Religion and Politics, History of Slavery and Religion)

Academic Awards and Honors

Forum on Liberty and the American Founding (Book club which discusses seminal works of political theory or the American founding.  The Forum is only available to those students who have displayed academic excellence and leadership qualities suited for advanced theoretical discussion; instructed by Dr. Kimberly Hale, Dr. Drew Kurlowski, and Dr. Michael Promisel)


Pi Sigma Alpha at Coastal Carolina University, 2021-present
      The National Political Science honor society for distinguished students who display academic excellence in the field of political science
Phi Alpha Theta at Coastal Carolina University, 2022-present
      The American honor society for students and professors who specialize in History and demonstrate adept academic prowess in the field of study 
National Society of Leadership and Success at Coastal Carolina University, 2022-Present
      Members if the NSLS demonstrate academic achievement and leadership ability; it is the self-proclaimed largest leadership honor society