Elsie Michie

Elsie  Michie 

Associate Dean

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Bachelor's Degree(s): In Russian and Comparative Literature, Brown University, June 1980
Master's Degree: In Comparative Literature, Brown University, June 1973
PhD: In English, Yale University, June, 1984
Phone: (225) 578-1856

E-mail: enmich@lsu.edu

Office: 132B Hodges Hall




Elsie Michie received her PhD from Yale in 1984 and came to LSU in 1988 after having taught at Tulane University and Swarthmore College. Her books include Outside the Pale: Cultural Exclusion, Gender Difference and the Victorian Woman Writer (Cornell 1993) and The Vulgar Question of Money: Heiresses Materialism and the Novel of Manners from Jane Austen to Henry James (Hopkins 2011). She is currently working on a book tentatively titled Trollopizing the Canon about France Trollope’s relation to canonical Victorian writers. She regularly teaches courses on the Brontës, Marriage Law and Literature, and Literary Criticism. She is the Executive Secretary for the North American Victorian Studies Association and a frequent faculty member at the Dickens Universe at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Area of Interest

Social History and the Victorian Novel, Nineteenth-Century Women Novelists (Shelley, Trollope, the Brontes, Gaskell, Eliot, Oliphant), Money in the Novel, Victorian Vulgarity, The Victorian Canon (exclusions as well as inclusions), Political Economy and the Novel, Anthropology and the Novel, the Novel of Manners from Austen to James

Awards & Honors

LSU Flagship Faculty Member, 2011
EGSA Award for Graduate Faculty Excellence, 2011, 1997
Board of Regents Award to Louisiana Artists and Scholars (ATLAS), 2009-2010
Co-PI, Board of Regents Enhancement Grant 2009-2011
Nicholson Award, College of Arts and Sciences Council Outstanding Faculty Member, 2008-2009, 2002-3
Finalist Faulkner-Wisdom Prize, August 2006
H. M. “Hub” Cotton Award for Faculty Excellence, 2002

Selected Publications


The Vulgar Question of Money: Heiresses, Materialism, and the Novel of Manners from Jane Austen to Henry James. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011 (paperback 2013).

Outside the Pale: Cultural Exclusion, Gender Difference, and the Victorian Woman Writer. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1993       

Victorian Vulgarity: Taste in Verbal and Visual Culture.  Ed. Susan David Bernstein and Elsie B. Michie. Farnham, Surrey; Ashgate Press, 2009.

Articles :  

“History After Waterloo: Margaret Oliphant Reads Walter Scott,” ELH 80.3 (Fall 2013): 897-916.

“Morbidity in Fairyland:  Frances Trollope, Charles Dickens, and the Rhetoric of Abolition.” Partial Answers 9. 2 (2011): 233-251.

“Rich Woman, Poor Woman: Towards an Anthropology of the Nineteenth-Century Marriage Plot.” PMLA 124.2 (March 2009) (Cluster of Victorian Articles): 421-36

“Broken Ornaments,” The Southern Review (Autumn 2003): 839-50.    

“Buying Brains: Trollope, Oliphant, and Vulgar Victorian Commerce,” Victorian Studies 44.1 (Autumn 2001): 76-97.    

“Austen’s Powers: Engaging with Adam Smith in Debates about Wealth and Virtue,” Novel 34.1 (Fall 2000): 5-27.

 “From Simianized Irish to Oriental Despots: Heathcliff, Rochester, the Brontes and Race.”  Novel 25.2 (Winter 1992): 1-17.

"Production Replaces Creation:  Market Forces and Frankenstein as a Critique of Romanticism."  Nineteenth-Century Contexts 12.1 (Spring 1989): 27-33.