Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) was established to provide employees and their families with opportunities to obtain assistance for a variety of personal problems which may affect their continued functioning as productive members of the University community or society at large. The EAP is a referral service with professionally certified employee assistance providers who are experienced in a wide range of issues including relationship, conflict, family concerns, and alcohol or drug dependence.

LGBTQ+ and Transitioning

The Human Rights Campaign shares Transitioning in the Workplace: A Guide for Trans Employees intended to aid transgender employees navigate their transition in the workplace. 

View the Human Rights Campaign's page on Coming Out at Work with topics such as questions to ask, moving forward after coming out, and benefits of being open at work. 

The LSU LGBTQ+ Faculty and Staff Caucus created a Gendered Pronoun Chart that are commonly used and how to use them. 

The LSU LGBTQ+ Faculty and Staff Caucus strives to serve LGBTQ+ employees' needs by promoting an understanding of LGBTQ+ concerns and providing assistance, education, and social interaction.

Capital City Alliance is a local organization which aims to improve the quality of life for LGBT people and their allies in greater Baton Rouge through education, communication, advocacy, and community building.

Louisiana Health Hub provides a list of agencies offering testing and other prevention services in Louisiana, including HIV and STD testing, PrEP, HIV care, support services, legal services and more.