Employee Relations

The Employee Relations section of Human Resources is dedicated to the enhancement of a quality working environment for employees of LSU by encouraging positive communication between employees and managers. Avenues are provided to conflict resolution and other alternatives in accordance with LSU Policy Statements and State and Federal laws, which include the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Basic Leave Entitlement: FMLA requires covered employers to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid job protection leave to eligible employees for the following reasons:  

  • For incapacity due to pregnancy, prenatal medical care, or child birth;
  • To care for the employee’s child after birth, or placement for adoption or foster care;
  • To care for the employee’s spouse, son or daughter, or parent, who has a serious health condition; or
  • For a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the employee's job

Military Family Leave Entitlements: Eligible employees with a spouse, son, daughter, or parent is on active duty or call to active duty status may use their 12-week leave entitlement to address certain qualifying exigencies. Qualifying exigencies may include attending certain military events, arranging for alternative childcare, addressing certain financial and legal arrangements, attending certain counseling sessions, and attending post-deployment reintegration briefings.

Process Used When Entering Continuous and Intermittent FMLA

Benefits and Protections

During FMLA leave, the employer must maintain the employee’s health coverage under any “group health plan” on the same terms as if the employee had continued to work. Upon return from FMLA leave, most employees must be restored to their original or equivalent positions with equivalent pay, benefits, and other employment terms. Use of FMLA leave cannot result in the loss of any employment benefit that accrued prior to the start of an employee’s leave. 

Eligibility Requirements

Employees are eligible if they have worked for a covered employer for at least 12 months, have 1250 hours of service in previous 12 months, and if at least 50 employees are employed by the employer within 75 miles. Please FMLA Employee Rights for more information.  


Crisis Leave

Crisis Leave Policy


Positive Discipline (Classified)

Job Aids

Discipline (Professional)

Employee Assistance Program

PS-59  was established to provide employees and their families with opportunities to obtain assistance for a variety of personal problems which may affect their continued functioning as productive members of the University community or society at large. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counseling and referral service with professionally certified employee assistance providers who are experienced in a wide range of issues including relationship, conflict, family concerns, and alcohol or drug dependence.

Miscellaneous Forms & Civil Service Myths

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