Supplemental Retirement Plans

LSU offers multiple options to help employees save for the future. The supplemental retirement program includes 403(b) and 457 (b) plans. Employees may make paycheck contributions before and/or after taxes. Employees can enroll at any time of the year and contributions can be changed, stopped, or re-started throughout the year. Please take a moment to review the benefits of a supplemental retirement account and which plan will best help you plan for retirement.


* Alert - The contribution limits for the 403(b) and 457(b) have been increased for calendar year 2024 to $23,000 (under age 50) and $30,500 (age 50 and over).  Limits are independent of each other and contributions towards mandatory state retirement plans do not count towards these limits.

Enrollment/Contribution Changes

Step 1. Set up Paycheck Contribution

Visit to register, choose your paycheck contribution amount and select your vendor. Retirement Manager Instructions

Step 2. Enroll with Your Chosen Vendor

Once you have selected your vendor, visit their website to set up your account and enroll in the Plan.

403(b) Fee Information

Contribution Changes

Log-in at to change/stop/re-start paycheck contributions.

Enroll Online

Current participants can make deferral changes online at

457(b) Fee Information

Need Help? Schedule an Appointment with a Representative

Company How to Request an Appointment
Fidelity Meet with your Fidelity Retirement Planner by calling 800-642-7131 or by visiting the Fidelity website.
TIAA If you would like to schedule an appointment with a local TIAA financial consultant, call 800-732-8353 weekdays, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (CT) or visit
Corebridge Call the Corebridge Baton Rouge office at 225-201-1009 to schedule an appointment.
Empower Retirement (457b) Call (225) 663-5506 or email to schedule an appointment.


Annual Maximum Deferral Amount = $23,000

Annual Maximum Deferral Amount for participants age 50 and older = $30,500

Maximum contributions to both a 403(b) and 457(b) account can be made at the same time. Employees may switch supplemental retirement account vendors at any point during the year.

LSU cannot guarantee the success of the Supplemental Retirement Plans or the level of service and we urge you to fully review the product before you participate.