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Pets are like family. When a member of the family becomes sick or injured, you do whatever it takes to fix it. However, paying for the vet bills when the unexpected happens can be stressful. Now you can protect your pet(s) like you do your other family members! LSU partners with MetLife to provide Pet Insurance to its employees and their furry family members. Pet insurance can help reimburse you for unexpected vet bills. MetLife provides insurance for pets of all ages — even seniors — and employees can customize their deductible and reimbursement rates so they work best for their pet’s needs and their budget.

Help protect your dogs and cats while enjoying flexible coverage and the freedom to visit any U.S. licensed vet, so you can offer protection to your family—including its furry members. Our options include:

  • Levels of coverage from $500 - unlimited
  • $0 - $2,500 deductible options
  • Reimbursement percentages from 50% - 100% 

How does MetLife Pet Insurance work?

  1. Enroll – Select and enroll in the coverage that’s right for you and download the MetLife mobile app
  2. Care – Take your pet to the vet when needed and pay the bill; manage your pet’s health and wellness using the mobile app
  3. Cover – Send the bill and your claim documents to MetLife and receive a reimbursement check or direct deposit

MetLife Pet mobile app fetching features:

  • View your policy
  • Manage your pet's health records
  • Submit and track claims
  • Access live 24/7 Telehealth Concierge Services
  • Access personalized articles
  • Find nearby pet services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Similar to health insurance, for you and your family, pet insurance is coverage for dogs and cats that can help you plan and be better prepared for vet costs. 

Yep! You can visit any licensed veterinarian or emergency clinic in the United States. You and your vet of choice can determine the best treatment plan and medical course of action for your pet. Once you have received and paid your bill, submit it to MetLife. They will process the claim for reimbursement if the claim expense is covered under the policy.

Each pet’s premium will be unique based on the age, breed, and location as well as the coverage options selected. There are additional discounts for multi-pet households and other factors. Employees interested in coverage must contact MetLife directly and be given a specialized quote.

This is not a payroll deducted benefit. Employees will pay via direct bill with MetLife. 

You can enroll, make changes, or cancel at any time directly with MetLife. 


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Pet Insurance can be enrolled, changed, or cancelled at any time. 



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