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We’re doing more online than ever before – making us more vulnerable to fraud and online threats. Beginning January 1, 2024, LSU has partnered with MetLife and Aura Identity & Fraud Protection to help safeguard the things that matter to you most: your identity, money and assets, family, reputation, and privacy.

LSU offers two plans for employees to protect their privacy and security:

Protection Plan includes core protection for your identity, finances and privacy such as Credit Monitoring & Alerts, Financial Account and Transaction Monitoring, Dark Web Monitoring, SSN & Identity Authentication Alerts, Password Manager and Safe Web Browsing.

Protection Plus Plan includes all the core protection of the Protection plan plus Experian Credit Lock, Payday/Specialty Loans Block, Credit Score Simulator, Social Media Account Monitoring & Takeover Alerts, Gamertag Monitoring, AI-Powered Call & Text Screening. 

Premium Rates

Tier Employee Only Family
Protection $5.54 $10.94
Protection Plus $7.94 $13.94


The family plan covers the employee, unlimited minors (under 18) and up to 10 additional adults. There are zero restrictions around who can be defined as an adult “family member” – no matter their age, relationship or whether they live at the same address as the employee. Employees can enroll, change, or cancel at any time during the year.  



MetLife + Aura Customer Service:


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Identity Protection and dependents can be enrolled, changed, or cancelled at any time.

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