Environmental Health & Safety

    The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) group at LSU provides safety and environmental services to the LSU campus, including the AgCenter, Law Center and System Offices. Their role and responsibilities are defined in PS-19. 

    The EHS staff provides the normal safety and environmental services necessary to assure that the university provides a safe and healthy environment for our students, staff, faculty/researchers, and visitors. The EHS staff is composed of highly qualified professionals who bring to the table experience and knowledge matching the roles they perform.

    The University Safety Manual provides rules and procedures for employees’ work activity on campus. In this manual, one can find the answer to most questions relating to the requirements of OSHA and other regulatory agencies adapted to our university. An example is the Electrical Safety section, which provides rules that are compiled from the several different OSHA rules covering safety for electrical work and installations.

    The Hazard Hotline provides a handy means to contact the EHS office by email when any hazard is encountered on campus that needs correction. They promise to respond quickly during business hours to any such report. If a need develops after hours that requires immediate attention, call and report it to the LSU Police at 225-578-3231. The LSU Police provides year round 24/7 law enforcement presence for the campus and is in contact with other response agencies who may be needed to assist, such as the Baton Rouge Fire Department and EBR Sheriff’s Office.

    The EHS website contains the major program elements and processes for the campus. They are constantly working to place more helpful information and EHS processes, such as forms submittals, requests for assistance, etc. on line for employees convenience. Their offices are located On the 2nd floor, Copy and Mail Center, located on the corner of South Stadium and CEBA Lane. Anyone with an interest in safety and environmental issues on campus is encouraged to visit any time. Also, if a question is not answered readily on the website, please call their office at 225-578-5640 or email ehs@lsu.edu.