PS-12, Leave Guidelines for Academic, Professional and Classified Employees, was designed to define the various leaves of absence policies and procedures in order that the granting of leave and the maintenance of records may be accomplished in accordance with University and Civil Service regulations.

    General Policy

    Employees shall not absent themselves from their duties without proper authorization. It is the responsibility of the department head or his/her designee to receive and review requests for all leaves of absence and approve or disapprove such requests in accordance with University policy. If paid leave is neither available nor appropriate, leave without pay shall be charged. If an employee fails to submit a leave slip, leave must be administratively deducted from his/her record. The department head or his/her designee shall ensure that the department staff keeps accurate leave records on all departmental employees and reports information on leave accrued, leave taken and leave denied. No employee shall approve or maintain records for his/her own leave.

    PS-12 Leave Guidelines

    Revision: PS0012.R07, Effective: November 8, 2004

    Leave Guidelines for Faculty

    As Of: September 2019

    PM-5 Holiday Schedule

    Revision: Annual, Effective: June 1, 2012

    Expanded Sick Leave

    Effective June 11, 2020, the Louisiana State Legislature passed SB437 which was signed by the Governor and became Act No. 241. The legislation expands the use of accrued sick leave by Unclassified employees (Professional, Academic, Other Academic, and Professional Hourly employees) as follows:

    Sick leave may be used to care for an immediate family member who is ill or injured or to accompany an immediate family member to a medical, dental, or optical consultation or treatment.
    An immediate family member is defined as a spouse, parent, or child of an employee.

    The Louisiana Department of State Civil Service adopted changes to Chapters 1 and 11 of the Civil Service Handbook effective May 7, 2020, allowing the expanded use of sick leave by classified employees to care for an immediate family member who is ill or injured or who requires medical, dental or optical treatment when it is not possible to arrange such appointments for non-duty hours.

    LSU leave policies PS-12 and PM-20 are currently under revision to reflect the expanded use of sick leave. In accordance with the Protocol for Development, Approval, Revision  & Rescindment of Permanent Memoranda, the portions of the policies that conflict with new Act 241 and Chapters 1 and 11 of the Civil Service Rules are invalid, and provisions contained within the new rules will supersede. The remainder of the policies that are unaffected will remain valid and in effect.