10 Ways to Support Your Greek Student

1.  Review the potential benefits of joining with your student.

Joining the LSU Greek Community can provide character enhancement, lifelong friendship and social experiences through chapter events, on campus involvement, leadership development education, trainings, and service opportunities.


2.  Help your student understand how to join.

The process of joining a Greek organization differs by Council. Visit How to Join to learn about our three different Greek councils and 38 Greek organizations.


3.  Talk to your student about balance.

The first few weeks may be overwhelming. Talk to your students about balancing their time and their schedule the first week of classes. Your student will receive a schedule of new member activities before they begin the new member process. Encourage them to manage their time responsibly.


4.  Review finances with your student.

Take time to talk with your student about financial obligations, Greek fee, meal plan changes, due dates, new member fees and payment plan options. Visit Membership Costs to see more information about finances.


5.  Find ways to get involved.

Explore ways for each of you to get involved with your student’s Greek organization. The organization may have events and volunteer opportunities for parents and families, such as parent weekends, parent clubs, newsletters, and parent volunteer roles.


6.  Be aware of the importance of academic achievement.

LSU Greek organizations are committed to their organizations value of academic achievement. Talk to your student about their academic progress often. Encourage your student to visit the Center for Academic Success the first week of classes to learn about resources available.


7.  Help them think through risk management.

Through education, training, and guidance, we provide tools to help students make good choices and understand the consequences of those choices. Encourage your student to stay informed on policies and procedures in order to make informed decisions.


8.  Expect a time commitment.

Your student will have mandatory obligations as well as other opportunities to stay involved in the LSU Greek community. Utilizing a planner or calendar may be beneficial for your student to manage your student's schedule.


9.  Encourage your student to reach out to the network of support.

Multiple networks of support are available for your students from peers who serve as new member educators, chapter leaders, and council leaders, to volunteers who serve as advisors for all of Greek organizations, to the LSU Greek Life staff, to Inter/National HQ staff members and volunteers. These areas provide support to ensure that your student has a positive experience.


10.  Make the most of your role.

Encourage your student to make the most of their Greek experience. Discuss with your student your expectations and help hold your student accountable for their choices. Learn as much as you can by asking questions. Be supportive, but when in doubt, call or email the Inter/National Office or Greek Life office to ask questions.