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Will applicants and students be able to view articulated transfer credit?

In Workday Student, articulation of transfer courses occurs in the Student Records module.  Admitted and enrolled students will be able to view articulated transfer credit.  Applicants, however, cannot view the articulation of transfer credit in the Workday tenant.  At many institutions, the priority of the Admissions Office is to encourage students to submit all the elements of an application record so an admission decision can be made and once admitted, the articulation of transfer work is determined by the Office of the Registrar.  Based on this prevalent flow of work at many institutions, this is the current approach Workday has taken in developing the product.  I am not advocating that the responsibility of articulating transfer of admitted and enrolled students be transferred to the Office of the University Registrar.  We will need to explore the possibility of an alternative solution to articulate transfer coursework of applicants before they are admitted.

 Will Workday Student integrate with College Source's Transfer Evaluation System (TES), or will there be something in Workday Student that will eliminate the need for TES?

Currently, there is not an automatic direct integration between TES and the Workday course articulation tables.   Implementing any ERP student system would not replace the functionality and information available in TES.

Will we be able to configure Workday Student so all requests to be admitted to a college do not go to only one recipient?  Some colleges assign students to counselors using the first letter of the students' last names.  If it is to go to one e-mail address, can it go to a generic e-mail address that the dean's office uses? 

We would be able to configure the process so requests can go to multiple users within the college or we can configure to go to a generic email address.

Will we be able to configure Workday Student so that the requests to be admitted go to staff in deans' offices for some colleges and to appropriate advisors (as determined by the Program of Study) in the academic departments of other colleges?

This is similar to the above question – it would require testing and configuration, but the process can be configured differently for different Programs of Study (i.e., majors). 

Can the receiving college kick off the business process to change a student’s college?

Yes, if the user has the appropriate level of security clearance. This will depend on how security is set up.

Can the student receive a message regarding why they are denied admission to a senior college?  We are aware that the person making the decision can enter a comment the student can see.  In addition, could an automated message inform the student the reason for the denial?

The text entered in the Comment field on a business process approval step can be sent to the student depending on how the business process and security are configured.

If students are not admissible to their senior college, they may be permitted to enroll in the Center for Advising and Counseling as they attempt to satisfy senior college admission requirements.  If students are denied admission to a senior college, can Workday Student be configured so their requests are automatically sent to the center?  If not, can the students be automatically informed that they can petition to be admitted to the center?

The automatic forwarding of the Program of Study Change request will depend on how the Center for Advising and Counseling is set up as a unit in Workday Student. However, if the student is denied, the following can occur:

  1. Send a notification to someone within the Center

  2. Include a message in the denial notification to let the student know he/she can petition to be admitted to the Center.

This would all be part of a business process.

Will departments be able to view other departments' course offerings before they are published by the registrar?  A number of departments coordinate their course offerings, particularly at the freshman and sophomore level.  For example the Departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry coordinate so science and engineering majors' basic classes are not offered at the same times.  This has to be done before students are currently able to access the course offering for a term via our portal.

Yes, but it depends on security set up for the departmental users.

In our legacy system, we have a green screen on which the staff members in the deans' offices (and other designated offices) enter comments regarding interactions with a student.  Where will they do this in Workday Student?

This is currently available for Recruiting & Financial Aid.  It is currently not available for Student Records, but is projected to be implemented in the next year.

When a dean's office changes a Program of Study (i.e., major), where does the staff member indicate the student has a concentration?  If a student's program of study has already been changed, how does a dean's office staff member add a concentration to the student's record?

The Program Concentration is listed as a separate Program of Study.  Therefore, we would update each one separately. If someone from the dean’s office is looking at a student’s record, they would see two Programs of Study. It does not list the Program of Study Type, therefore the Dean’s office would need to click on the Related Actions to see that one of them is a Concentration. There is a restriction that the concentration can only be changed to the concentrations allowed within the Parent Program of Study (i.e., Major = English, Concentrations = Creative Writing, Language or Literature).

Does the Academic Progress Report indicate that a course and/or requirement is "in progress?"  Currently, we do this in our legacy degree audit system.  We display/print the grade earned when courses are completed and "IP" when a student is currently registered in a course.  Also, if a student is taking courses that count toward sub-requirements or requirements, the display or report indicates that the sub-requirements or requirements are in progress.

The Academic Progress report (i.e., degree audit) does not, but the Academic Plan report indicates which courses the student is enrolled in. 

On the Academic Plan, if a student is currently taking a course that is a prerequisite for a course the student is attempting to schedule for an upcoming term, and scheduling for that term has begun, what displays in the "Status" field?  It should not indicate "Not Eligible."

The Status field will display “Eligible to Enroll.”  Provided the student meets eligibility requirements (if any), and the course is offered for a given term, it will appear as ‘Eligible to Enroll’ for that term on the student’s Academic Plan. 


Questions/Answers from Associate & Assistant Deans Meeting - November 3, 2017



Given the scenario showing changing a major, is there a similar process to adding/changing minors? Currently, the business process is configured so the process to change the minor is the same as changing a major. the only difference is the Program Type would be "Minor". If "Minor" is selected, the Programs of Study will automatically filter and default to available minors only. With that being said, if the approvals need to be different than what is set up for the major, that is something we can configure into the business process.
Can a change of major/minor trigger updating graduation date?

It may be possible to configure a business process that changing the major or minor wuill result in a task being created that would cause the student to review his/her graduation date.

Please be aware that one of the requirements that OUR identified early on is that we must be able to maintain the same edits we curretnly use to control when students can and cannot update anticipated dates of graduation.

89 numbers are unique to LSU - will those go away? This is a decision that LSU will need to make during implementation of any student information system.
There seems like a lot of back and forth during many of the processes - is that part of the configuration? We have been concerned that the way we have had to portray processes during the scenarios would result in this concern. In addition, having to switch back and forth between roles (i.e., student, administrator, faculty member, advisor, department chair, etc.) only compounds the appearance of cumbersomeness. Please remember that we attempted to emphasize that in Workday Student there are usually two or three ways to get to the area in which you need to work. A lot of the back and forth is eliminated simply by entering what you are looking for in the search box. Yes, we are aware that we will have to learn the terminology to be able to search efficiently, but that will come with training and experience with the product.
Is the Academic Progress Report printable? Yes.
Is the Academic Plan Report printable? Yes.
Will changing majors continue to be timeframe limited? I believe that the person who posed this question is really asking if we will continue to limit when students can change colleges? The current unwritten rule has been in place for decades. If the deans' offices want to continue using this rule, then we will need to configure Workday Student so changing majors is still timeframe limited.
Will advisors be able to change a student's major? Yes.
Will the graphic depicting percentage of major complete take into account all of the things that go into degrees?

The Academic Progress report is a "delivered" report for all institutions that use Workday Student. Therefore, it is my understanding that it cannot be modified to include additional verbiage at the top of the report regarding meeting requirements not included in the report (e.g., a senior college's residency requirement, etc.). We will need to investigate during implementation what our options would be to best meet this need.

Can you schedule from the degree audit? Sorry, but no.
Is there the ability for departments/colleges to decide what they get notifications for? This is possible through configuration of business processes. That said, I do not believe we can be expected to create a separate business process for each department with respect to any given situation we attempt to address in Workday Student.
Is there a way to note when student athletes change majors and give them a different routing for approval? Yes, a business process can be configured for a specific cohort of student that is different than the business process used for other students.