ME Graduate Student Financial Aid

General Finanical Aid Information

Financial assistance is available to incoming students through the department and other units on campus in the form of research, teaching assistantships, and fellowships. Professors in the area of Mechanical Engineering offer graduate assistantships directly to applicants. Generally, there are two types of assistantships: research assistantships (RA’s) are available based on funding from grants and contracts from external sources, whereas teaching assistantships (TA’s) support the undergraduate curriculum. For the latter, the supervising professor provides a nomination, which are decided upon based on the department's needs and the applicants' qualifications. Students will be informed if they are selected to receive an assistantship. We encourage prospective students to email professors (visit our faculty website) who match your research interest and inquire about any available assistantships.  

Research & Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistantships (TAs) may include leading a discussion, delivering lectures, grading papers, or supervising a laboratory. Research assistantships (RAs) typically assist in conducting research projects. Service assistantships (SAs) are less common and may involve, but are not limited to, conducting data analysis, assisting in library services, and other academic/professional assignments. 

Other Financial Awards

The LSU Graduate School offers financial awards in the form of assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships to ease the burden of obtaining an advanced degree. Prospective students should monitor the Graduate School website for funding opportunities or contact for more assistance. Students who need more information regarding what types of financial support they are eligible for may contact the LSU Financial Aid & Scholarships Office for more assistance.