Sylvia Duke


Sylvia S. Duke has long been someone who believes that with a little support and guidance, women can do anything. This has been a principal in both her work and volunteerism.

During the administration of both Governors’ Edwards and Treen, Sylvia was appointed to the Louisiana Task Force for the Talent Bank of Women. This group was entrusted to help identify women to be appointed or promoted in state government service. In 1994, she joined former U.S. Senator John Breaux to work on his Women’s Advisory Committee.

Sylvia was involved in the development of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center  (PBRC) and served on the inaugural Friends on PBRC Board, which established the first Women’s Health Day at Pennington.

Sylvia gave her time as a trained volunteer for Prevent Child Abuse in Louisiana during her time with this group was named their volunteer of the year. She was also instrumental in helping establish and secure initial funding for the Louisiana Center for Women and Government. She has served as Vice President of the Board on three different occasions and as President for one year, and will soon finish her second six-year term.

Sylvia has been treasurer for the Bengal Belles. She has volunteered with the LSU ladies golf team for their special events. She has also enjoyed working with LSU Gymnastics Coach DD Breaux and her team as they work with Bradie James and his Foundation 56 to raise money for Breast Cancer prevention. Over the years, Sylvia has mentored many of young women at LSU. Her guidance and support has been felt in a large number of careers not only in  Louisiana, but outside of our state as well.