Lauren Thom


Lauren Thom, a LSU graduate, is the founder of Fleurty Girl, boutiques that carry items inspired by New Orleans.  The stores include goods mostly made by local New Orleanians and include items such as t-shirts, accessories, and home decor.  Her shirts are worn all over the world by people who want a piece of New Orleans nostalgia wherever they go.

In her younger years, Lauren’s media experience began when she was a student anchor on WWL-TV’s “Our Generation” with Sally Ann Roberts. Prior to launching Fleurty Girl, Lauren was a radio DJ and TV News reporter. She was also featured on ABC’s “The View,” in 2005 and even made it to the Oscars in 2001. 

However, Lauren’s longtime passion was always designing unique clothing. Being a native New Orleanian, she credits her time living in Baton Rouge with helping her discover her true calling of combining her love of New Orleans with her passion of designing that reflect the unique culture and spirit of New Orleans.

In 2009, Lauren turned her dream and passion into a reality by using two thousand dollars from her tax return to launch Fleurty Girl. Just six months after launching her online store, Lauren opened a shop on Oak Street inside of an old renovated shotgun house that was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. Lauren also moved her family into the one thousand square foot shop. People told her she was crazy, but Lauren had a dream and vision that she believed in deeply. 

Today, Lauren has loyal fans and customers from around the world, and her shirts are sold at the four Fleurty Girl locations throughout the greater New Orleans area.  Lauren embraces the diversity of her store just like she embraces the diversity of the city. Lauren has set an example to do what you love and to take chances on things true to your heart.