Annette Mire


Annette Mire serves as the Associate Superintendent of Human Resources and Staff Development for the West Baton Rouge Parish School System. Prior to this position,  Annette served as the Director of Human Resources for the East Baton Rouge Parish School System, where she also served as a teacher, a principal, and an instructional supervisor.

In her capacity as director she founded and directed the Administrative Internship Program for the school system. Through this program she personally trained 270 potential leaders who have become leaders at the state level, including superintendents, principals, assistant principals, and system leaders in school systems around the entire state.

Annette believes that her sincere sense of fairness and trust in the basic goodness of others has been key to her success. From an early age, Annette’s  parents taught her to be fair and honest in her interactions with others, and to try to live on the basic premise of treating others as you would want to be treated. She has tried to live and demonstrate this creed in both her personal and professional life, and, in turn, she believes it has helped others believe in and trust her, as a friend and as a colleague.

Annette continues to be passionate about the world and other people, and continues to find ways to grow in her personal, spiritual, and professional life. She also believes in assisting others to grow into their potential as leaders and as stronger human beings.

This honor is very significant to her as it acknowledges the efforts, long hours, and success of the work that she did to train the leaders of our schools. Annette feels that her program has impacted the lives of thousands of students around the state in that their school leaders were better prepared to provide them with stronger learning environments each day.