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The Asian Student Union (ASU) was established for the express purpose of building a community of students who support and promote the education, histories, cultures, and traditions of Asian Americans. Our mission is to spread awareness and educate others on Asian and Asian American culture. In today's society, Asian culture is diluted and often attributed with stereotypes. As the Asian Student Union, we try to enlighten others about the impact our culture has on our lives and the difficulty of getting others to understand Asian culture in America. Our goals are to teach others about AA lives and to make others realize the importance of cultural sensitivity. It is our responsibility to castigate hate and pave the way for lasting social change. As an Asian American organization, we remain ardently passionate about addressing racial inequality in our society. Our mission is to uplift and protect Asian Americans at all times, whether it be a time of crisis or a time of peace.




Our dues are $15 a semester and $25 for the academic year. If anyone would like a waiver, they are welcome to email us at


Officer Positions

We currently have the following officer positions available: Treasurer and Public Relations


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 Meetings are announced two weeks in advance.  Contact us to join our Listserv for meeting dates, or follow us on social media.

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