Genesis Tutoring

The Genesis Tutoring program was designed in 1991, and works with traditionally underrepresented students, but is open to all LSU students.  The mission of Genesis Tutoring is to provide pathways to successful completion of college courses.  This program is constantly changing in an effort to provide the services that students need most. 


Students studying at table

Center Hours: 5-9pm, Monday-Thursday

The Genesis Tutoring Center is open Monday-Thursday, 5-9pm.  No appointment is needed when using Genesis Tutoring, however, we recommend you use the table below to determine when your subject is being covered.  If you have questions about the subjects or the hours of coverage, please contact us.

Center Location: 302G, Student Union

The Genesis Tutoring Center is located in the Student Union, room 302G.  This room is in the hallway across from the Atchafalaya Room.  If you have any trouble finding it, please stop into the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA), or ask the Information Desk at the main entrance of the Student Union.

Contact Us:

Email us at or call 225-578-4339 for more information.

List of Subjects and Availability 

List is in alphabetical order.

Subjects Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Algebra 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm  5-9pm
Bio-Chemistry 5-9pm 6-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm
Biology 5-9pm 5-9pm  5-9pm  5-9pm
Business Calculus 6-9pm  5-9pm  5-9pm 5-9pm
Calculus 6-9pm  5-9pm  5-9pm  5-9pm
Chemistry 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm
Economics   5-9pm    
English 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm
French 1001 5-9pm      
History (Euro & American) 5-9pm 7-9pm   6-8pm
Intro Biology (1001 & 1201) 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm
ISDS   5-9pm    
Microbiology 5-9pm   5-9pm 5-9pm
Music Appreciation   5-9pm    
Organic Chemistry 1 5-9pm   5-9pm 5-9pm
Philosophy 5-6pm, 8-9pm 5-9pm   7:30-9pm
Physics 5-9pm 6-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm
Political Science 5-6pm, 8-9pm 5-9pm 5-8pm 7:30-9pm
Psychology (Intro) 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm
Spanish 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm
Trigonometry 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm
Writing 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm 5-9pm


Interested in becoming a Genesis Tutor?

The requirements to be a Genesis Tutor include:

  • 3.0 or higher Cumulative GPA
  • 3.0 or higher GPA in your last completed semester
  • 3.0 or higher Cumulative Subject GPA (calculate by averaging all of the GPAs for each course within a subject area)
  • The ability to tutor in a minimum of two subject areas

Apply to be Genesis Tutor today by emailing Wes Heath, Assistant Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs at  Provide the following items in your email:

  • Resume or CV
  • A list of subjects you are capable of tutoring and your subsequent skill level (i.e. fourth-year level math)
  • A recommendation from a professor
  • A copy of your transcript (unofficial transcript is acceptable)