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Written by Chelsea Marcantel

Directed by
Hannah Wolf

Set Designer | John Michael Eddy
Costume Designer | Kyla Kazuschyk
Lighting Designer | James L. Murphy
Sound Designer | Miles Polaski
Properties Designer | Liz Leblanc
Vocal Coach | Rocky Sansom
Choreographers | Susan Perlis
Air Guitar Coach | Matt Burns
Stage Manager | Olivia Lunsford

Golden Thunder | Ira Anderson
Shreddy Eddy | Ryan Bailey
Facebender | Matt Burns
The Nina | Arden Forrand 
Announcer | Jackie Johnston
D Vicious | Masen Keltner
Cannibal Queen | Sarah Short
Swing | Layne Davis

Production Manager | James L. Murphy
Sound Engineer | Tyler Kieffer
Lighting Programmer | Archer Touchet 
Costumes Assistant | Bethany Sassen  
Wardrobe Head | Amara Copeland 
Assistant Director | Emily C. Shain
Assistant Director | Megan Eisert
Assistant Stage Manager | Sarah Statham
Assistant Stage Manager | Isabelle Louis
Sydney Anderson | Sound Board Operator
Joseph Bush | Light Board Operator

Run Crew
Isaiah Cleveland, JJ Cormier
D'Angel Dormelus, Deja Gordon 
Ella Labaj, Kylle Poiencot
Nicholas Tillotson, Kenneth White
Tre Williams

Prop Artisans 
Mary Dum, Meme Rajavong
Kayla Short, Adam Gothreaux
Randy Quincey, Gabrielle Taylor

The purpose of the Air Guitar World Championships is to promote world peace.
According to the competition ideology, wars will end, climate change will stop and all bad things will vanish when all the people in the world play the air guitar.
That’s why everyone is invited at the end of the competition to play the air guitar all at once to save the world.
-     Air Guitar World Championships
Special Thanks:
US Air Guitar


After the past few years, I no longer take for granted the opportunity to share space and laugh with you all. Thank you for joining us and welcoming me into the LSU community.
Are you ready to ROCK?!
Yes, this is a show about the incredibly niche, fascinating, and weird world of air guitar.  Beneath its expressive, silly and over-the-top exterior is a welcoming and fiercely loyal community.
In the short time we’ve spent together, besides having fun, this play and team have taught me:
Put your full heart into your work.
Care for and celebrate the community around you.
Take a risk and trust that you can do it.
Don’t give a shit about what other people think.
Be part of something bigger than yourself.
You’ve got an inner rock god. Unleash it.
Have a great fucking time.
So, in this moment when moments of raw joy can feel few and far between, I invite you to let loose. Scream for your favorites, boo for your villains and join us in the ultimate celebration of humanity.
Rock Out!
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