Field Education for Current On Campus Students

Overview of Required Field Courses and Hours

Full-time students normally complete their internships concurrently with other course work.  Part-time students typically complete four semesters, or 24 hours of foundation courses in the fall and spring semesters followed by a summer block internship (480 hours during 12 weeks of the summer term) in the second year.  In the part-time student's third and fourth year students complete the last 24 hours of advanced courses in the fall and spring semesters followed by a spring and summer placement or a summer double block internship (480 hours during 12 weeks of the summer term). 

Students complete internship hours during the traditional workday, as defined as the normal hours services are provided to clients and supervision available; evening, night and weekend hours are the exception.  No internship can be completed entirely during evening or weekend hours because it is essential that students participate in staff meetings and other normal agency activities that occur during the day.  Students must complete a minimum of 18-20 hours per week in their assigned placements.  Due to semester dates and holidays this minimum may be increased.  The field courses in each year of the program (Foundation SW7007/7008 and then Advanced SW7502/7503) must be taken consecutively to maximize learning experiences.  Exceptions must be approved by the Director of Field.

Responsibility for making field placement assignments rests with the Director and Assistant Director of Field Education.  In the final analysis, students’ learning outcomes are directly linked with the students’ investment and commitment to the field experience. Agency participation, field supervision, and academic learning are important to creating a constructive field experience; the student's personal investment in getting all possible learning out of field work, however, is the one element that makes or breaks field placement as a meaningful learning laboratory.

Students’ complete twelve semester hours of field education courses, working a total of 960 clock hours of training in the field (a minimum of 900 hours must be agency clock hours).  The field education program at LSU is divided into two equally important parts:

Foundation Internship

  SW7007  Foundation I Internship

  SW7008  Foundation II Internship

Advanced Internship

  SW7502  Advanced I Internship

  SW7503  Advanced II Internship


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