PK-3 Teacher Education Frequently Asked Questions


1. What differentiates the PK-3 program from 1-5 elementary education program?

The PK-3 program is dedicated to the preparation of students pursuing certification to teach PK-3 grade. 


2. How many semesters will I student teach in the PK-3 program?

Students in the PK-3 program student teach for one year.


3. How will the program help me feel better prepared when I graduate?

Students in the PK-3 program have diverse experiences in classroom settings. With 2 separate intern placements and 2 student teaching placements across Pk, k and 1-3 grades, students have the opportunity to see what they learn in the university classroom in the real world setting.


4. What are the requirements to be accepted into the program?

When a student enters LSU as a freshman he/she is able to declare Early Childhood Education as their intended degree program. During the first year, students are enrolled in the University Center for Freshman Year prior to meeting the requirements for admission into the College of Human Sciences & Education (HSE). In order to be admitted into HSE in Early Childhood Education, students must complete the following requirements:

  • Earn 24 hours of college credit
  • Earn a minimum 2.5 LSU and 2.5 cumulative GPA

 Early Childhood Education students complete an application process in order to begin their Professional Practice Block coursework (which is typically started in the fall of the junior year). In order to take any upper level EDCI courses (which includes junior and senior year coursework), students must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an LSU and cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Have passing scores on the PRAXIS Core: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics tests or have an ACT/SAT composite of 22/1030 or higher on file with LSU

The requirements listed above are state mandated and exceptions to these requirements are not made. Students should also complete all coursework other than the required junior and senior year coursework prior to the start of the junior year.

In addition, during the junior year application process students complete the following by February 1 prior to enrollment in their junior year coursework:

  • Submit an Early Childhood Education Junior Year application packet which includes
    • The application cover sheet
    • A personal statement
    • 3 letters of recommendation, with at least one being from an educator
    • An official transcript
  • Complete an interview with the Early Childhood Education faculty and designated representatives
  • Complete an on-site writing sample prior to the interview

 After interviews are held, applicants are notified of their admission status via email.


5. Why is an interview required for PK3?

Students that wish to enter the PK3 program must complete an application and interview process. The PK-3 Program values professionalism and the importance of communication throughout the program. The interview is how the faculty and student get to know each other and learn if the program is the right fit for the students’ goals and aspirations. It is an opportunity for the faculty to identify additional opportunities (e.g., Upper Division Honors Distinction, Distinguished Communicator Program, CHSE Undergraduate Distinguished Scholars, Service-Learning, conference attendance) that might extend their study while in the Pk-3 program.

Are the courses needed for the Early Childhood Education degree offered only once per year?
Many of the courses required for the Early Childhood Education program are offered only once per year. In addition, specific courses must be completed prior to the start of the junior year of the program. Students are encouraged to meet with a College of Human Sciences & Education counselor/advisor to review the course offerings. Students can schedule an appointment with an HSE counselor/advisor through the following link:


6. Am I required to  meet with a counselor/advisor each semester?

Due to the unique structure of the Early Childhood Education program, the College of Human Sciences & Education Office of Student Services holds group advising sessions for PK3 students during the freshman and sophomore years.

Freshman Year Meeting – Spring Semester

Students are contacted via email in the spring of the freshman year prior to registering for the sophomore year regarding the mandatory meeting. During the meeting students are provided with an updated copy of their individual record and degree plan, discuss upcoming once per year course offerings, and learn about the expectations/structure of the junior and senior year from faculty, staff, and current students.

Sophomore Year Meeting – Fall Semester

During the fall of the sophomore year students attend a second mandatory advising meeting to receive updated information on their individual record and degree plan, discuss registration for the final semesters prior to their junior year, and learn more about the junior year application process.


7. What is the PRAXIS?