Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates

Grow new skills and build expertise in a specialized area to update your professional profile, advance your career, or broaden your knowledge base. You can earn a graduate certificate online or on campus.



This graduate certificate program is designed for business professionals, scientists, researchers, and those in industry (healthcare, banking, and insurance) who need to better understand how to use and big data in their jobs.

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Applied Depositional Geosystems

In this program, you’ll enhance your career opportunities in the energy industry, in government agencies, and in academia. You will be provided with training, which will enhance your skills in geology, mathematics, and the physical sciences, forming a basis for work in petroleum and water exploration, as well as environmental geology and engineering.


Archival Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Archival Studies (CARST) is designed to give students a solid grounding in the core knowledge of the archival profession. The curriculum meets the Society of American Archivists (SAA) Guidelines for a Graduate Program in Archival Studies (GPAS), ensuring that students will be competitive for jobs in a range of institutions possessing archival collections.

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Climatology & Climate Change

The program will prepare you to succeed with a grounding in climatology by providing you with skills including data interpretation, statistical climatology, analysis of climate patterns and trends, coping with climate variability, understanding both past, current and possible future climates, communicating climate issues with the public, and formulating climate policy.



Construction Management

LSU’s Post-Baccalaureate Certificate (PBC) in Construction Management equips individuals with the skills and knowledge they need in the world of construction management. The PBC program also prepares professionals to take the American Institute of Constructors (AIC) Level I Exam and provides essential leveling courses required by most American construction management/science graduate programs. This program would also benefit individuals from the various city municipalities, government agencies, insurance assessors, property appraisers, realtors, marketing professionals, accountants, attorneys, and lenders.


Early Childhood

The purpose of the Early Childhood Certificate is to give practitioners (e.g., teachers, others who work with infants and toddlers) coursework that will increase their knowledge in child development and early childhood education so that they are better prepared to implement best practices in early childhood education in their work with young children. This hybrid program will allow students to engage in face-to-face coursework or complete their coursework online. Students will gain practical experience by integrating course content with field-based experiences.

economics class


This program will enhance your career opportunities in industry, government agencies, academia, and entrepreneurship. Your skills in economics, mathematics, statistics, and computer science, which form a basis for analyzing business and economic data, will be greatly improved. Upon completion, you will have some of the background necessary for graduate programs in economics, statistics, business administration, agricultural economics, finance, quantitative finance, and data analytics, among others. You will also be prepared for positions in academia, business, consulting, investment banking, actuarial science, financial operations and more.

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Fisheries Science & Assessment

Fisheries support major industries in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. On federal and state levels, in-demand certificate program graduates can excel in positions of management, regulation, and permitting. In the private sector, environmental consulting and oil and gas industry careers, involving natural resource assessments, are waiting to be filled. Upon completion of the certificate, you will be in high demand with multi-disciplinary training in fisheries science and assessment.


geopraphy class

Geographic Information Science

This certificate program will provide you with the essential skills for visualizing, analyzing, and managing geospatial data for students, entrepreneurs, and professionals in corporate, non-profit, governmental, and non-governmental organizations, and for scientists and others interested in geospatial technologies. This program builds LSU’s nationally recognized expertise in design and data visualization.

instructional coaching

Instructional Coaching

The Instructional Coaching Certificate is designed to help practicing educators to develop leadership ability for use in the classroom or in expanded roles as:  lead teacher, instructional coach, team leader, curriculum developer, department chairperson, new teacher mentor, or special project leader.

materials engineering

Materials Science & Engineering

This program will foster interdisciplinary education and industrial liaisons and support a nationally competitive materials research program that will attract premier researchers and students to Louisiana and retain them.

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Mathematics for Advanced Secondary Instruction

This certificate will equip advanced secondary teachers to handle college-level material effectively, use internet-based instructional technologies to help achieve college-level learning goals, and meet requirements for instructors of courses designed for transfer to baccalaureate degrees. 


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Records & Information Management

This program is designed to provide students with an immersive experience of effectively administrating recorded information in organizations of all sizes, types, and industries. In this program, students will acquire and enhance skills to systematically analyze, control, and manage increasingly vast and complex records and information generated in organizations while ensuring their necessary access, privacy, and security.

LSU students reading to grade school children

School Librarianship

This certificate program is for certified teachers in Louisiana who are seeking add-on certification in school librarianship. Certified librarians develop collections that meet the curricular needs of the school, collaborate with teachers in integrating literature into their lesson plans, and assist students with finding reading materials that are interesting and age-appropriate.

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Strategic Communications

In this program, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities that modern professionals need to survive in an increasingly connected and digital communication environment. You’ll learn essential skills for designing, implementing and managing strategic communication.

workforce development seminar

Teaching in the Healthcare Professions

The Certificate in Teaching in the Healthcare Professions is designed for veterinary and healthcare educators/professionals who seek additional preparation for educator roles in academia and health care organizations.


outreach at school

Urban & Community Education

This graduate certificate will afford participants with a deep understanding of urban residents’ experiences of education and community outreach for the purpose of equipping them with critical skills for creating strong partnerships between schools, families, businesses, governmental entities, and communities.

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Veterinary Medical & Biomedical Sciences

The Certificate in Veterinary Medical and Biomedical Sciences program in the LSU SVM Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences is designed to further develop the scientific knowledge and problem-solving abilities of the student. In this non-research certificate program, students expand their knowledge of the physiological sciences that comprise the core curriculum. Related sciences through advanced elective courses complete the program.

workforce development seminar

Workforce Development

Graduates will have developed the skills necessary to approach workforce development strategically, analyze skill and competency needs in the workforce, and implement workforce development processes that enable organizations to develop employees in ways that meet the current and future challenges associated with global competition, talent development, and changing technology.