Denise DeLormDenise DeLorme

Position: Professor, Environmental Communication, Department of Environmental Sciences

Phone: 225-578-8832

Office: 3181 EC&E Bldg.

Bachelor's Degree(s): A.B.J. Advertising, University of Georgia, 1989
Master's Degrees(s): M.A. Advertising, University of Georgia, 1991

Ph.D.(s): Ph.D. Advertising, University of Georgia, 1995

Biosketch: Biosketch of Denise Delorme




Qualitative social science research methods, including focus groups and in-depth interviews; environmental communication, social marketing, stakeholder engagement, and health communication


Environmental Communication (Campaigns) (ENVS 7950.1 – Fall 2016)
Qualitative Research Methods for Environmental Decision Making (ENVS 7950.1 -- Spring 2016)


2015 Distinguished Alumni Scholar Award, University of Georgia Grady College
2012 Research Incentive Award (RIA), University of Central Florida (university-wide)
2011 Emerald Literati Network Outstanding Paper Award, International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing
2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 Grasty Award for Outstanding Research, University of Central Florida School of Communication
2006 Journal of Advertising Outstanding Reviewer Award



2015 Guest Co-Associate Editor, Earth’s Future Special Collection
2006-present Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Advertising
2013-present Member, Editorial Board, International Journal of Advertising
2005-2010, 2012-present Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising
2001-present Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Advertising Education
2009-2010 Secretary, American Academy of Advertising
2016 Member, Research Committee, American Academy of Advertising
2012-2015 Member, Publications Committee, American Academy of Advertising


2016-present Member, Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences
2015-present Member, International Environmental Communication Association
2013-present Member, American Geophysical Union
1995-present Member, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
1993-present Member, American Academy of Advertising


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