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Department Chair

Kam-biu LiuKam-biu Liu
Professor and Chair, George W. Barineau III Professor
Research Interests:
Thematic: paleotempestology, coastal paleoecology, global environmental change, palynology and lake-sediments; Regional: U.S. Gulf coast and Atlantic coast, Caribbean region and Central America, South America (Andes and Amazon Basin), Tibetan Plateau, China
Dana Sanders
Assistant to the Chair
Lily Pham

Faculty (A-Z)

Sibel Bargu headshotSibel Bargu Ates
Associate Dean of Academics, CC&E and Shell Professor in Oceanography/Wetland Studies
Research Interests: 
Freshwater, Estuarine and Marine Phytoplankton Ecology, Harmful Algal Blooms and Food Web Contamination, Phytoplankton-Zooplankton Interactions, Global Climate Change

Mark Benfield headshotMark C. Benfield
Research Interests:
Zooplankton ecology, optical and acoustic sensing of zooplankton, computer-based classification of zooplankton, acoustical telemetry studies of fish and invertebrates, application of industrial remotely operated vehicles (ROV) in biological observatories

Sam Bentley outdoors holding a tubeSam Bentley
Adjunct Professor, College of the Coast & Environment; Director, and Billy and Ann Harrison Chair in Sedimentary Geology, LSU Department of Geology and Geophysics
(225) 578-5735 
Research Interests:
Coastal and marine sedimentology, sediment radiochemistry, fine sediment dynamics on continental shelves, bioturbation, predictive modeling of sedimentary fabric and structures

Jenn Brum with arms crossed outdoorsJennifer R. Brum
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
Ecology and biogeochemical impacts of aquatic viruses

Rob Carney headshotRobert S. Carney
Emeritus Professor
Research Interests:
Biological oceanography, research administration

Jim Cowan headshotJames H. Cowan, Jr.
Professor & Abraham Distinguished Professor of Louisiana Environmental Studies
Research Interests:
Fisheries ecology, biological and fisheries oceanography, biometrics

Michael Dance standing in front of a treeMichael Dance
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
Movement ecology, fisheries science, population connectivity, stock assessment, seascape ecology, habitat use, early life history of marine fishes

John Day headshotJohn W. Day, Jr.
Emeritus Professor
Research Interests:
Estuarine Ecology, Systems Ecology, Wetland Ecology, Ecological Modeling, Effects of Humans on Natural Systems, Tropical Coastal Ecology, Energy, Sustainability, Urban Dynamics

Ron DeLaune headshotRonald DeLaune
Emeritus Professor
Research Interests:
Biogeochemical cycling, Wetland Biogeochemistry, coastal processes, non-point source pollution, coastal restoration, soil-plant interactions, coastal marsh stability, sedimentation processes, wetland plant ecology, degradation and bioremediation of toxic organics, heavy metal chemistry, ecotoxicology, greenhouse gases.

Chris D'Elia headshotChristopher D'Elia
Professor and Dean of the College of the Coast & Environment
Research Interests:
Nutrient dynamics in aquatic systems; estuarine ecology; coral reef ecology; algal/invertebrate symbiosis; science history and policy; math and science education; marine pollution; global climate change; analytical chemistry

Eurico D'Sa headshotEurico J. D'Sa
Research Interests:
Ocean color remote sensing, bio-optical properties of coastal and ocean waters, physical-biogeochemical interactions; coastal biogeochemical processes

Cassie Glaspie headshotCassandra Glaspie
Assistant Professor 
Research Interests:
My research integrates laboratory, field, and modeling approaches to address the question: how does environmental change alter interactions between members of an ecological community, and what are the implications for humanity? My lab focuses on coastal and estuarine benthic (bottom-dwelling) organisms.    

Matt Hiatt headshotMatthew Hiatt
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
Coastal hydrology, environmental fluid dynamics, harmful algal blooms, water transport timescales in deltas and wetlands, hydrological connectivity in coastal environments, network analysis, nearshore waves

Dan Holstein headshotDan Holstein
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
My lab studies various aspects of seascape ecology, including invertebrate reproduction, larval dispersal, metapopulation modeling, and the spatial ecology of environmental change. We focus on tropical coral reefs, with a special interest in refuge environments - like deeper mesophotic reefs - and how these environments interact with others in the seascape.

Haosheng Huang headshotHaosheng Huang
Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Physical oceanography, circulation in regional seas and continental shelves, coastal and estuarine circulation dynamics, unstructured grid numerical modeling and data assimilation, tide and storm surge simulation, bio-physical interaction and ecosystem modeling

Dubravko Justic headshotDubravko Justic
Texaco Distinguished Professor
Research Interests:
Ecosystem modeling, biological oceanography, coastal eutrophication, hypoxia, impacts of climate change on coastal ecosystems

Chunyan Li in front of a bookcaseChunyan Li
Professor and Mobil Distinguished Professor of Marine Geology
Research Interests:
Physical oceanography, transport, coastal and estuarine circulations, innovative observations, modeling, extreme weather (such as hurricanes), induced water level changes including storm surges

Junhong Liang headshotJun-Hong Liang
Associate Professor, Center for Computation and Technology
Research Interests:
Physical Oceanography; Ocean Biogeochemical Dynamis; Ocean modeling

Qianxin Lin headshotQianxin Lin
Associate Professor-Research
Research Interests:
Coastal plant ecology, plant-soil interactions, plant eco-physiology of environmental stresses, environmental chemistry of organic pollutants in wetlands, and remediation and restoration of oil spills in wetlands.

Charles Lindau headshotCharles W. Lindau
Research Interests:
Nitrogen transformations in flooded soils and sediments, stable isotopes, greenhouse gases, oil spill remediation, point and non-point pollution

Kanchan Maiti headshotKanchan Maiti
Associate Professor and Shell Professor in Oceanography/Wetland Studies
Research Interests:
My research group focuses on understanding the fate and transport of different forms of carbon in coastal and deep ocean. Photosynthetic fixation of CO2 in surface ocean into different forms of organic carbon effectively removes CO2 from atmosphere. In absence of this process, our atmospheric CO2 concentration would have been ~50% higher than it is at present times. Understanding this process known as the “biological pump” is extremely important in determining the role of ocean in controlling atmospheric CO2and how that might change in future. However a large fraction of this organic carbon fixed by phytoplankton in the ocean gets released back into the water column and atmosphere as CO2 and other inorganic forms of carbon via respiration and microbial decomposition. Thus the availability of organic carbon can directly and indirectly impact various biogeochemical processes in the ocean like formation of hypoxia, increase in ocean acidification, release of various redox sensitive elements and contaminants from the sediments. My research group at LSU seeks to provide answers to some of these fundamental questions related to ocean carbon biogeochemistry and environmental quality through field based observations, natural isotope tracers and laboratory microcosm experiments. Current research themes include: Upper ocean particle dynamics and biological pump, fate and transport of organic matter and contaminants in aquatic systems, utilization of artificial and natural radioisotopes to study environmental processes, sediment geochemistry and chemical processes at sediment-water interface, and ocean acidification.

Giulio Mariotti headshotGiulio Mariotti
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
My research focuses on the processes that shape coastal environments. I am interested in coupling physical and biochemical aspects, e.g. ecogeomorphology and biogeology. I carry forward my research using mathematical models, laboratory experiments and field work. My current agenda encompasses three main topics: 1) Wetland response to sea level rise, sediment supply and storminess. 2) Coupled dynamics of sediment & biofilms / microbial-mats. 3) Carbonate platform sedimentary processes.

Irv Mendelssohn headshotIrving A. Mendelssohn
Emeritus Professor
Research Interests:
Wetland and barrier island plant ecology, plant physiological ecology

Steve Midway headshotStephen Midway
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
I study a variety of aspects of fisheries ecology, often with applications to improving the management of commercial and recreational coastal fish species. My work includes basic biology and life history, species–environment interactions, and the use of hierarchical Bayesian models, among other tools.

Paul Miller headshotPaul Miller
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
Coastal meteorology; Hydroclimatology; Mesoscale climate science; Weakly forced thunderstorms; Land-atmosphere interactions; Hazardous weather impacts

Victor Rivera Monroy headshotVictor H. Rivera-Monroy
Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Estuarine and coastal ecosystems; biogeochemistry of wetlands; landscape modeling/ecosystem models; coastal management/aquaculture; mangrove forest rehabilitation/restoration; nutrient cycling inwetlands (nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon)

Mike Polito headshotMichael Polito
Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Stable isotope ecology, food web dynamics and anthropogenic contaminants, ecology of marine birds and mammals, marsh ecology

Tracy Quirk headshotTracy Quirk
Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Wetland ecology and restoration including plant and microbial processes, nutrient and carbon cycling and accretion dynamics, human impact on wetland ecosystems, and organic matter and nutrient linkages between coastal wetlands and rivers, estuaries, and submerged aquatic ecosystems.

Nancy Rabalais headshotNancy Rabalais
Professor and Shell Endowed Chair in Oceanography and Wetland Studies
Research Interests:
Coastal change; eutrophication and hypoxia; cumulative coastal stressors; historical reconstruction of ecosystem changes from sediments; pelagic and benthic processes; human impacts in wetland and coastal ecosystems; science policy

black and white photo of Harry Roberts sitting on a desk in an office Harry H. Roberts
Emeritus Boyd Professor
Research Interests:
Marine geology, sedimentology, deltaic and reef processes

Bob Rohli outdoorsRobert V. Rohli
Research Interests:
Coastal weather and climate, atmospheric circulation variability, atmospheric hazards, tropical cyclone dynamics, surface-atmosphere interactions, synoptic meteorology and climatology, geoscience education, history of science

Charles Sasser in front of a bookcaseCharles Sasser
Research Professor
Research Interests:
Wetland Plant Ecology and Wetland Management

Rick Shaw headshotRichard F. Shaw
Emeritus Professor
Research Interests:
Larval/juvenile fish habitat and ecology; biological/fisheries oceanography; transport and recruitment mechanisms and coastal-estuarine processes; age, growth and mortality analyses, fisheries and global climate change, research administration

Malinda Sutor headshotMalinda Sutor
Assistant Professor-Research
Research Interests:
I study the ecology and physiology of plankton and the physical and biological interactions that control their distribution and abundance. I utilize active acoustics and image-forming optical systems as well as traditional net systems to survey the finescale distributions of plankton. I conduct work in estuaries, coastal ocean, and the open ocean enviroment.

black and white headshot of Gene TurnerR. Eugene Turner
LSU Boyd Professor
Research Interests:
Biological oceanography, conservation, environmental management, estuarine ecology, fisheries ecology, restoration, sustainable systems, wetlands.

Robert Twilley headshotRobert Twilley
Executive Director, Louisiana Sea Grant College Program

Nan Walker seated in front of a computerNan D. Walker
Professor and James P. Morgan Distinguished Professor of Coastal Studies; Director, Earth Scan Laboratory
Research Interests:
Physical oceanography, Satellite oceanography, Estuarine-shelf exchange processes, Air-sea interactions and tropical cyclone intensity, Gulf of Mexico Loop Current and eddy circulations, Physical-biological interactions, Physical processes affecting coral reef health

John White headshotJohn R. White
John and Catherine Day Professor and Associate Dean of Research of the College of the Coast & Environment
Research Interests:
Our research focuses on biogeochemical cycling of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in aquatic systems including coastal and freshwater wetlands, estuaries and lake sediments, treatment performance of constructed wetlands for nutrients and pharmaceuticals removal, dynamics of internal nutrient loading, microbial-mediated nutrient transformations, plant-nutrient-soil dynamics.  We provide critical research in helping coastal restoration managers to make informed decisions.

Kevin Xu headshotKehui (Kevin) Xu
Associate Professor and Interim Director, Coastal Studies Institute
Research Interests:
Coastal restoration; sediment diversion; sediment dredging and management, geological oceanography, coastal morphodynamics, observation and numerical modeling of sediment transport, sedimentary geology, coastal processes

George Xue headshotZuo (George) Xue
Associate Professor (Center for Computation and Technology, joint)
225-578-1118 (Contact me for graduate student opportunities)
Research Interests:
Physical-bio-geochemical modeling; Coastal ocean carbon cycling; Coupled atmospheric-hydrological modeling

Research Associates (A-Z)

Thomas Aepelbache
1207 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Thomas Blanchard
3196 Energy, Coast and Environment Building 

James Bodker
1205 Energy, Coast and Environment Building 

Chris Cleaver
119 Sea Grant Shop

Doug Daigle
3151 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Sara Gay
3196 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Bill Gibson
119 Sea Grant Shop

Rob Lane
2235 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Brian Milan

Charles Milan
1193 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Gary Peterson
1257 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Andre Rovai

Emily Savoie
578-6363-2241 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Haixue Shen
2259 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Erick Swenson
1192 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Lixia Wang
2223 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Postdoctoral Researchers (A-Z)

Tom Bianchette
3271 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Matt Kupchik
2143 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Andrew Long
2173 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Nekesha Williams
3113 Energy, Coast and Environment Building 

Qiang Yao
3247 Energy, Coast and Environment Building