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a woman gestures to a group of test tubes on a deska woman seated at a desk smiles next to a microscopeBesides working from home on the computer due to coronavirus social distancing, Dr. Nancy Rabalais is  working up meiofauna samples at her home "laboratory." These are part of her marsh mesocosm work at LUMCON with differentially oiled levels. A woman speaks in a library in front of a projector screen

a man gestures to a projector screen in front of a group of girlsLSU students that took part in the study abroad program to Concepcion, Chile in front of the Concepcion sign.Lin He, violin and Frank Huang, piano performing during one of CC&E's concert series.Dr. Brum demonstrates at the LSU Lakes to a group of LSU students

Dr. Hiatt's students Sara Ates (Phd student) and Md. Kifayath Chowdhury (MS student) installing an Acoustic Doppler Velocitmeter (a device to measure water velocity) within a wetland channel at Wax Lake Delta.Sampling trip in Big Branch Wildlife Refuge. Photo Credit: Grace CagleSampling trip in Big Branch Wildlife Refuge. Credit: Grace CagleCollecting fish for microbial analysis of their gut. Port Sulfur, LA. Photo Credit: Brian Snyder

Collecting fish for microbial analysis of their gut. Port Sulfur, LA. Photo Credit: Brian SnyderKanchan Maiti and his students sampling soil out in the Gulf of Mexico.Hard-hatted researchers posing with equipment and a body of water in the background. Credit-Wokil BamStudents enjoying popcorn during one of CC&E's social gatherings.

Chris D'Elia, Dean and Professor, LSU College of the Coast & Environment Sheldon Whitehouse, U.S. Senator, Rhode Island Robert Twilley, Executive Director, Louisiana Sea Grant College Program and Professor, Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences Mark W Miller: Field Support Field Manager, and Ali Reza Payandeh: PhD student deploying water samplers and ADV (acoustic doppler velocimeter) to measure water level and currents Sampling trip in Big Branch Wildlife Refuge. Photo Credit: Grace CagleShane Flinn, DOCS master’s student, electrofishing Pushepatapa Creek, Louisiana. Electrofishing is a harmless research method to sample fish populations for density and abundance.

Sarah Wood, DOCS M.S. graduate from WABL, as she was headed out on a CC&E vessel to study sites in Barataria Bay.Johnny Ryu and two DOCS researchers with equipment standing in tall grassStudent in water to chestResearchers examining equipment on a boat in a marsh

Researchers posing behind equipment with a body of water in the background. Credit-Wokil BamPatrick Robichaux posing in a marshWokil Bam posing with equipment in tall grass. Credit-Wokil BamGina Groseclose and a classmate out in Barataria Bay

Gina Groseclose controlling a boat on a field work tripGina Groseclose doing field work in the Barataria BayDr. Quirk (left) and Gina Groseclose (right) taking samples out in Barataria Bay.Andrew Armbrust, CC&E undergraduate student, enjoying the scenery during a trip with ENVS professor Kevin Armbrust

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