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Oceanography & Coastal Sciences

Master's Professional

The Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences (DOCS) has a non-thesis option which is designed for individuals interested in non-research careers (positions in regulatory agencies, management groups) where breadth of course work may be more valuable than research experience.

  • Students are accepted for this course of study through regular admission procedures of the LSU Graduate School and Department’s Academic Affairs Committee. Students may attend full or part-time.
  • Students must remain in “good academic standing” in the Graduate School and maintain at least a cumulative 3.00 grade point average.
  • 36 credit hours of course work beyond the bachelor degree level are required for graduation, specified as follows:
  • All course work must be approved by the Student’s Advisory Committee (which consist of three graduate faculty members, at least two of which (including the Chair) must be from DOCS)
  • Complete a minimum of 18 hours in courses numbered at or above 7000
  • 6 hours of departmental core courses or approved substitutions
  • 9 hours of advanced course work in one DOCS specialized area
  • 9 hours in a minor field outside the Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences
  • At least 3 semester hours of advanced field or literature research based on internship or a team project (e.g. OCS 8900, OCS 8901) which demonstrates the student’s ability to synthesize data and demonstrates acceptable writing skills
  • 9 hours of electives (within or outside of department)
  • A student must pass a final exam, both oral and written, to be given by the Student’s Advisory Committee.
  • During the last semester, professional students must deliver an oral presentation of a written research report from the internship or team project, one copy must be turned into the DOCS office prior to graduation