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Oceanography & Coastal Sciences


The Ph.D. program includes at least 48 hours of course work beyond the baccalaureate, meeting the core requirements, 9 hours of dissertation research, and research leading to a dissertation.  At least half the credits should be at the 7000 level.

A Ph.D. student in the Department must complete a minor requirement.  This requirement can be met in one of two ways.  Other departments offer “official” minors that are satisfied by successfully completing a specific number or set of courses within the offerings of that department.  This is usually a total of 12 semester hours.  The second way to satisfy the minor requirement is to complete a course plan (12 hours at the 4000 level or above, at least 6 of these hours must be at the 7000 level) i an “area of specialization” and the courses must be approved by the student’s committee.  The courses must be from outside of OCS offerings, though they may be taken from more than one department.  For the official minor, the student must have a professor from the outside department as a member of the committee to represent the minor area.

The report of the Diagnostic Qualifying Assessment, a “Program of Study,” contains a list of completed graduate-level courses, and a list of proposed courses approved by your committee. This is a contract between you and your committee. To be of much value, a proposed program should include tentative dates or milestones and a tentative research prospectus (see below). “Each doctoral student develops a program of study acceptable to the Departmental Graduate Advisory Committee.”