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Graduate Minor in Environmental Toxicology


The minor in Environmental Toxicology provides students with a background in the basic science of chemical, physical, and environmental hazards immediately relevant to problems facing modern society and human health risks. Students majoring in diverse fields of study will gain an understanding of the field of Environmental Toxicology.

Students majoring in Coastal Environmental Sciences may not choose Environmental Toxicology as a minor. 


To graduate with a minor in Environmental Toxicology, students must complete 12 hours of coursework as follows:

  • ENVS 4101 Environmental Chemistry (3)
  • ENVS 4477 Environmental Toxicology: Introduction and Applications (3)

and two courses from the following list:

  • ENVS 4007-Cancer: A Family of Environmental Diseases
  • ENVS 4010-Applied Ecology
  • ENVS 4035-Aquatic Pollution
  • ENVS 4036-HONORS Aquatic Pollution
  • ENVS 4045-Air Pollution and Society
  • ENVS 4500-Health Effects of Environmental Pollutants
  • ENVS 4113-Multi-Media Chemical Behavior for Risk Assessment

All ENVS courses must be passed with a “C” or better. A residency requirement of 9 hours of credit must be earned at this University to receive a minor in Environmental Toxicology.