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DOCS Graduate Program Pre-Application

All prospective MS and PhD students are required to fill out a DOCS graduate program pre-application. Use the Online DOCS graduate program pre-application form to complete your pre-application. Alternatively,  you can use the MS Word or PDF form to complete your pre-application and email the completed form to with the email subject "DOCS pre-app. You will receive a quick reply and may be asked to submit a full application to the LSU Graduate School.  If you have not received a reply within 5 days please send us an email to see if your pre-application has been received.

If you would like to have your credentials pre-evaluated send your pre-application (MS Word version or PDF version) directly to Dr. Mark Benfield, DOCS Graduate Advisor, for review and assessment.  

If you need additional information, are having trouble with the pre-application, or have further questions, please contact us at or you can contact Dr. Lindau.