Researching the Company

One of the most important things to do in preparing for an interview is your homework.

LSU students continually impress recruiters, but recruiters tell us most candidates know little about the companies where they are applying. You will be a more appealing candidate if you can demonstrate an understanding of your potential employer.

Items to consider when researching a company:

  • Mission statement of the organization

  • Where is the company's headquarters located? Do they have additional locations? Where?

  • What can you determine about the corporate or organizational culture?

  • Is the company privately owned or publicly traded?

  • What is the company's notable accomplishments?

  • What projects/divisions of the company interest you? Why?

  • What is the primary product or service of the company? Who are their clients? Chief competitors?

  • Is the company large or small? How many employees?If interviewed by this company, what questions would you ask?