TigerLink Training

Welcome to TigerLink, the place to find events, clubs, and ideas to connect you to the LSU experience. The TigerLink website allows you to discover and join new groups, access and register for campus events, and chat with your friends and groups. 

The TigerLink website is powered by the CampusGroups platform. The following tutorials will link out to the CampusGroups website. Additional help guides are available on the CampusGroups website.

Resources to get you started:

Overview for New Users

Connecting your Calendar and Zoom to TigerLink

Officer Overview

Adding and Removing Officers

Customizing your Organization’s Settings

Understanding Organizational Pages and the Group Feed

Campus Groups Admins and Reviewers Overview

Event Planning 101 Video

Track Event Attendance

Step by step guide

Check in using the iPhone app

Check in using the Android app

Running Elections

How to Run Elections for Your Group


Setting up webpages and email video

Getting started with the website builder

Image Sizing Guide

Creating images for your TigerLink page