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Tiger Card

Cards for Visiting Program Participants

The LSU Tiger Card Office is glad to offer program cards to departments and groups who host programs at LSU at a cost of $2.50 per card. These cards display the program’s name on the side with an image of Mike the Tiger and the participant’s name in the center.

These cards feature a magnetic stripe and can be programmed for door access or have TigerCASH added to them.

 The procedure for requesting cards is outlined below.

Please allow adequate time for processing. If your request requires approval from Accounting Services, then allow 10 business days for them to approve the request.

If your request does not need the approval of Accounting Services, please send your request to the Tiger Card Office 7 business days before the cards are needed.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our office at 225-578-4300 or via e-mail at tigercard@lsu.edu

The form that will need to be filled out to request cards is determined by the method of payment for the cards.

Cards Paid for With LSU Funds

If LSU funds will be used (a department account, grant, contract, etc.,), then a AS527 is required. If TigerCASH is loaded onto the cards, please make sure that the AS527 is sent to LSU Accounting Services for approval as well. (It is advisable to go ahead and send the AS527 to the Tiger Card Office and Accounting Services at the same time to allow enough time for the cards to be processed. However, cards paid for with LSU funds that have TigerCASH on them will not be released until approval is received from Accounting Services.)  

If no TigerCASH is loaded onto the cards, then the form only needs to be signed and sent to the Tiger Card Office at tigercard@lsu.edu.

Cards Paid for With Non-LSU Funds

If a non-LSU based payment is used for the cards, then an AS 001 Form needs to be completed. Please have this form signed and sent to tigercard@lsu.edu .