Donation Request

LSU Departments and LSU Student Organizations are eligible for food and beverage donations from LSU Auxiliary Services. All requests for donations must be submitted by filling out the form below. The Assistant Vice President of LSU Auxiliary Services will approve all requests based on the criteria below:

  • The event contributes to the university’s mission and positively impacts the university community (on campus locations will be prioritized).
  • The event contributes to Auxiliary Service’s mission of prioritizing student centric events.
  • Student Organizations must be a registered student organization in good standing as certified by Campus Life.
  • The After the Event Form should be submitted after the event takes place and should include final details (e.g. event summary, attendance, examples of how LSU Auxiliary Services was promoted/featured, photos, etc.)

Application Process

Donation Requests need to be submitted as early as possible for the academic year (at minimum start of each semester). July 30th is the deadline for Fall and Spring events of the following year. Any requests submitted after the deadline of July 30th each academic year, will be considered but not promised.

Donation Request Form

Additional Guidelines

  • Please use LSU Auxiliary Logos that we provide you when you are advertising for your event, and if you need any other variation of the logo, we will provide that as well.
  • Any donations given by LSU Auxiliary Services shall not be used for resale nor to make any sort of profit.
  • Donations must be used for the purpose stated and approved in the Donation Request Application.
  • Any infringement of these restrictions could deem that department or student organization ineligible for future donations from LSU Auxiliary Services.

After the Event

After the event occurs, the student organization or department should provide LSU Auxiliary Services with a report of how the donation was used at the event via the link below. The report can include details such as the amount of people in attendance to the event, a summary of how LSU Auxiliary Services was featured, and pictures of the event. 

After Event Donation Form