LSU Engineering’s Marybeth Lima Named ASEE Fellow Member


BATON ROUGE – The American Society for Engineering Education, or ASEE, announced that Marybeth Lima, Cliff & Nancy Spanier Alumni Professor in the LSU Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering, or BAE, and director of the Center for Community Engagement, Learning and Leadership, has been chosen to be a fellow member in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the society.

“Being selected as an American Society for Engineering Education fellow member is a tremendous personal honor for Dr. Lima and an institutional honor for the Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering, as well as the College of Engineering,” said Allen Rutherford, interim head of the LSU BAE and director of the LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources. “Dr. Lima has been a local and national leader in the area of service learning and for these long-term efforts she is very deserving of this honor.”

ASEE honored Lima through the conferring of her fellow member status at the 2012 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition. The 2012 induction of ASEE fellows took place at the annual awards banquet on Wednesday, June 13, in San Antonio.

Lima’s selection for fellow member status was initiated by a nomination from William Oakes, associate professor of engineering education and director of Engineering Projects in Community Service, or EPICS, at Purdue University, complete with references.

“I nominated her for our outstanding contributions in the area of community engagement,” Oakes said. “Dr. Lima has been a pioneer and national leader in the field. She is the only engineering faculty member to be recognized with the two national service-learning awards for faculty. She is very qualified for the honor of fellow, and it is important for the field of service-learning and community engagement to have national leaders like Dr. Lima recognized within engineering education. She has a passion for her research, her students and the community she serves. She can be a role model for many others in our field.”

The ASEE fellow member committee evaluated the nomination in comparison to other nominations received, and the ASEE awards policy committee confirmed Lima’s selection. The thorough review process enhances the high regard in which fellow membership in the society is held.

According to ASEE, the fellow grade of membership is conferred in recognition of outstanding contributions to engineering or engineering technology education upon an active member of ASEE who has been a member in any grade for or at least 10 years. The ASEE bylaws direct that each year the fellow member committee recommend candidates to be advanced to the fellow grade of membership.

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