Academic Advising

The Center for Freshman Year (UCFY) serves as a centralized advising center for students enrolled as new freshmen, continuing students, re-entry students and transfer students who have not yet met the admission requirements for a senior college.  This assistance is provided through the first 24-30 hours of enrollment at LSU.

Initial advising during the Freshman and Transfer Student Orientation programs for new freshmen and transfer students is provided by the faculty and staff of the various senior colleges offering the students’ desired major/degree.  Once enrolled in UCFY, students will then seek advising assistance from the UCFY academic counseling staff.

For our undeclared majors, three enrollment options are available, Undeclared with a desire to follow a liberal arts type of degree (UNAH), Undeclared with a desire to follow a social science type of degree (UNSS), or an Undeclared student interested in a field related to science and engineering (UNSE).  

Our Center for Freshman Year academic counselors can assist with advising undeclared majors and provide guidance in the career decision making process.  

Senior College Advising

College of Agriculture

College of Art and Design

E. J. Ourso College of Business

School of the Coast and Environment

College of Engineering

College of Human Sciences and Education

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Manship School of Mass Communication

College of Music and Dramatic Arts

College of Science


Other Resources

Academic Center for Student Athletes

Allied Health / Pre-Nursing / Pre-Pharmacy