Educational Tracks


It is recommended that each SEC University send a minimum of 8 students and 1 advisor to attend the 2017 SEC Exchange. However, more representatives are welcome. Each of the eight students will represent your university in a different track and will remain in that track throughout the entire weekend. You will be responsible for assigning your representatives to a particular track. The tracks include:

  • Academics
  • Auxiliary Services
  • Campus Affairs
  • Campus Safety
  • Communications
  • Diversity
  • External Student Government
  • Student Activities

There is also a track for advisors that will meet when the student leaders are in their positional and educational track sessions.

Throughout the weekend, each track will meet a total of four times. At each track meeting, the students will discuss a different subtopic relating to the specific track category. By the end of the conference, each student should have a strong core group of peers and deep understanding of their particular track. The four subtopics within each track include:



  • Academic and Testing Policies/Student Rights
  • Faculty Senate and Staff Senate
  • Library and 24-hour Services
  • Relationship and Policy with Graduate School

Auxiliary Services

  • Campus Dining
  • Student Health Center
  • Student Services
  • Union/University Recreation

Campus Affairs

  • Football/Game day
  • Off Campus Safety
  • Sustainability/Facilities
  • Transportation

Campus Safety

  • Campus Climate
  • Lighting/ADA Compliance
  • Mental Health and Wellness
  • Sexual Violence Awareness


  • Data Collecting, Surveying, Research
  • Inter-departmental Communications
  • Negative Press and Student Government Image
  • Social Media Presence



  • First Generation Students
  • International Students and Non-traditional Students
  • Minority Groups
  • Veterans and Military Students

External Student Government

  • Community Outreach
  • Relationship with Administration
  • Relationship with Government
  • Student Outreach and Funding

Student Activities

  • Athletics
  • College Council Programs
  • Event Entertainment
  • First Year Experience
    College Council Programs

If a student or university is passionate about a topic or subtopic and would like to help facilitate the round table discussion, please contact