Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminars are hosted by Dr. Andrew Maverick at 12:30 PM on Tuesday in 210 Choppin Hall (Tower Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70808)

Fall 2017 Schedule

Date Speaker Credentials / Advisor Title
9/26 Rahul Jain Graduate Student, University of Louisville, KY Evaluating ligand assisted activation of small molecules through alcohol oxidation and proton reduction
 10/17 Ryan Johnson Stanley Group Optimizing Rhodium Tetraphosphine Ligand Hydroformylation and Aldehyde-Water Shift Studies
 10/31 Jumao Yuan Butler Group Exit Seminar: Image Analysis Workflow for Interferometry/Tomography Volumes of Additive Manufacturing Test Articles

Drew Hood

Saeed Fosshat

Stanley Group

Chambers Group

Ligand Modified Cobalt Hydroformylation

Single-site Water Oxidation by Ruthenium-based Catalysts



Sen Gao

Xin Gui

Maverick Group

Xie Group

Literature Presentation

Research Presentation


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