Research Safety

In accordance with the recent APLU study on research safety, LSU is committed to maintaining a culture of safety through the university. Please review the following pages with information about:

Laboratory Close-out Procedures - Proper disposal of hazardous materials is required whenever a responsible individual leaves Louisiana State University or transfers to a different laboratory. (“Responsible individual” can include, but is not limited to: faculty, staff, post-doctoral, and graduate students.) Plan the disposal of hazardous materials carefully. Hazardous materials such as chemicals, microorganisms, tissues, and sources of radiation can injure faculty, students, staff, contractors and visitors if handled inappropriately.

Radiation Safety - The Radiation Safety Office (RSO), a research compliance unit under the direction of the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC), provides research guidance and regulatory-mandated support of academic activities involving the use of sources of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation at LSU.

APLU Guide to Research Safety - This guide is a roadmap for a university-wide effort to strengthen a culture of research safety. The guide has action steps, resources, and recommendations to help navigate the challenge of changing the culture of the institution.