Name & Position Responsibilities
photo: weihsung Dr. Wei-Hsung Wang,CHP, CSP, CLSO

Regulatory compliance and license requirements

Grant proposal and user application approvals

Radiation safety advice

Consultation in radionuclide uses

Jabari Robinson Mr. Jabari Robinson, M.S., CLSO
Manager & Laser Safety Officer

Radiation exposure review

Incident investigation

Emergency response

X-ray equipment

Survey meter calibration

Radiation regulation consultation

Laser safety

Amin Hamideh Mr. Amin Hamideh
Radiation Specialist & Laser Safety Officer

Radiation dosimeter management

Radiation user application


Radioactive package shipment

Radioactive waste

Sealed sources

Irradiator facility

Radiation laboratory audits

Laser Safety

Richard Teague Mr. Richard Teague, RRPT
Senior Technologist

Radio-analytical and survey equipment maintenance

Analytical and electronic equipment repair

Technical support


Technical Assistants               

Radiation laboratory survey

Radiation package receiving and distribution

Opening / Decommissioning of radiation laboratories

Radioactive waste handling and disposal

 Dylan Albers


 Dylan Albers  


Caroline Babin

 Daniel DiMarco


 Daniel DiMarco

 Jeremy Dismukes


 Jeremy Dismukes

 Marie Garrett


 Marie Garrett


Jasmine Gholston

 Kyle Huber


 Kyle Huber


Phoenix Hwaung

 Irle Blaine


 Blaine Irle

 Gregory Martini


 Gregory Martini


Emaya Moss


 Charlie Wilson


 Charles Wilson, MS - Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices (CAMD)

 Christy White


 Christy White, DVM - Pennington Biomedical Research Center (PBRC)

 Lorrie Gaschen


 Lorrie Gaschen, DVM - School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM)