Physics & Astronomy Colloquium

Spring 2018                                                                                                                                      Fall 2017

NOTE: All colloquia will be held on THURSDAY at 3:30 PM in Rm. 119 Nicholson, unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title of Talk Speaker Speaker's Institution Host
Jan. 25 R-Process Nucleosynthesis and Short-Lived Radioactivities in the Early Solar System Bradley Meyer  Clemson University  Jeff Blackmon 
Feb. 1  Quantum Optics Search  TBD  TBD  Mark Wilde
Feb. 8 Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering (CEvNS): Doing Big Physics with Small Neutrino Detectors  Diane Markoff  North Carolina Central University Jeff Blackmon 
Feb. 15  TBD  Jorge Piekarewicz  Florida State University  Jeff Blackmon
Feb. 22  TBD Stephan Rosswog  Stockholm University  Peter Diener 

March 1

 TBD  Sean Couch  Michigan State University  Manos Chatzopoulos
March 8  TBD Jonathan Engle   Florida Atlantic University  Ivan Agullo

March 15

 Quantum Optics Search  TBD  TBD  Mark Wilde

March 22

Helical molecules in flatland: chiral recognition, spin-filtering and molecular machines Karl-Heinz Ernst  University of Zurich   Jiandi Zhang

March 29

Spring Break
April 5  TBD Glenn Starkman  Case Western University  Ivan Agullo
April 12  TBD  Dave Arnett    Manos Chatzopoulos
April 19  TBD  Tom Maccarone  Texas Tech University  Rob Hynes
April 26  TBD  Rebecca Surman   University of Notre Dame  Scott Marley


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