Departmental Support

LSU Information Technology Services values highly its association with the IT professionals who support technology in each campus, academic, and administrative department. We work closely with our LSU Technology Support Professionals (TSPs) to engage them in IT related services and programs. ITS holds Spring and Fall Information Technology; Forums, Fairs, Tech Talks, Technology Workshops, and we are continually engaging the TSP group in technology discussions through the Listserv, Newsletters, Portal -, RSS Feeds, and IT Sub-committees. 

User Support and Student IT Enablement (USS) works to develop partnerships with the departments to provide them with tools and resources,community information, staffing assistance, forums, training, and technology committees to better serve the community. 

Visit the LSU Technology Support Professionals Portal ( 


Availability & Request Procedures 

Available To: All LSU TSPs, Technology Support Professional or the Staff Member who supports a department’s computing needs. 

Request Service: Contact the Help Desk at: