Karen Williams

Karen  L.  Williams 


Bachelor's Degree(s): Southeastern Louisiana University
Master's Degree: Southeastern Louisiana University
PhD: Emory University
Phone: (225) 578-3077

E-mail: kwill32@lsu.edu


Awards & Honors

Award for Service-Learning Course Partnering with Carver Branch Library. 2001.
Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Honor Society Award, Superior Instruction, 1998.

Selected Publications

“Ripe Figs” by Kate Chopin, reading for Writers In Concert to benefit Baton Rouge Food Bank. Swine Palace, LSU, November 2009.

“Study of Acadian and Creole in Kate Chopin’s Short Fiction.” Gulf South History and Humanities Conference. Pensacola, October 2009.

“St. Expedito’s Role in the Italian American Community of Independence, LA.” American Italian Heritage Conference. Baton Rouge, October 2009.

“Federal Writers’ Project in Louisiana.” Fletcher American Studies Conference. Nicholls State University. Thibodaux, LA. November 2006.

“The Trek of the Mardi Gras Indians in the Wake of Katrina.” Gulf South History and Humanities Conference. Pensacola, October 2006.

“St. Expedite: A Dubious Saint’s Role in New Orleans Voodoo and Culture.” Gulf South History and Humanities Conference. Pensacola, October 2005.

“The Snake.” Original short story. Microcosm. 2005.

“Life in the Cut-Over: Images of Southeast Louisiana’s Piney Woods.” SCMLA, New Orleans, October 2004.
“Songs of the Mardi Gras Indians: Expressions of Ethnic Pride.” Gulf South Historical Association. Pensacola, October 

“Left to Tell the Tale: The Federal Writers’ Project and Louisiana’s Slave Narratives.” Gulf South History and Humanities Conference, Galveston, October 2002.

Review of The WPA Guide to 1930s Alabama (new ed). Gulf South Hist. Rev. 2001.

“Muted Voices: Segregation and the Federal Writers’ Project in Louisiana.” Gulf South History and Humanities Conference, Pensacola, October 12-14, 2000.

“Football, Computers, Ag, and Engineering: The State University and Interdisciplinary Studies for the Gen Ed Student.” Institute of the Liberal Arts Conference. Emory University, Atlanta, March 2000.

“Indians, Slaves, Red Bones, and Spanish Whites: Making an Acceptable History in the Piney Woods.” Gulf South History and Humanities Conference, Pensacola, October 14-15, 1999.

“Differentiation between Acadian and Creole in Kate Chopin’s Short Fiction: Or, ‘Why the Cajun Almost Never Get the Girl.” SCMLA, New Orleans, 1998.

“Forbidden Knowledge.” An original short story. SCMLA, Dallas, October 1997 and Conference on Christianity and Literature, Lafayette, January 1997.

“A Distinct Louisiana Tradition: Songs of the Mardi Gras Indians.” Louisiana Folklore Conference, Baton Rouge, April 1996.

“Tim’s Rites of Passage in Patrick White’s ‘The Cockatoos.’” SCMLA, Houston, October 1995.

“Carnival Motifs in George Washington Cable’s The Grandissimes.” SCMLA, Orleans, October 1994.

“A Unique Louisiana ‘Language’: New Orleans’ Creole Dialect.” LACC, Alexandria, LA, Fall 1992.

“King Byrd’s Vigil.” An original short story. Louisiana Literature. Vol 1, Fall 1984.