Plan for Success

Select the Best Tool

Implement with Focus

  • Create an Information Technology (IT) Governance Council that promotes highly inclusive input, engagement and accountability among all stakeholders.
  • Establish standards based project management and business process modeling that promotes and enables operational excellence.
  • Plan and staff for success – hire project staff with Student ERP implementation experience and provide excellence in training and documentation.
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement and adding value to the institution.
  • Conduct a thorough feasibility and fit evaluation of the software
  • Ensure at least 80% of the institutional requirements can be addressed at Go Live
  • Evaluate the tool for the thin thread student life cycle and configurability for more complex workflows
  • Consider vendor responsiveness, support and record of regular product enhancements
  • Provide data to IT Governance Council that represents the cumulative best interest of stakeholders when making a Go or No-Go decision in December 2017.
  • Continually validate and verify that stakeholders will be able to do their jobs efficiently and effectively
  • Continually pursue opportunities to enhance service to students, student success and academic excellence
  • Develop and provide appropriate training and documentation to ensure institution readiness at Go Live
  • Develop critical reports and dashboards that promote operational excellence at all levels (department, college, campus, system) and cross-functionally (student, human resources, finances)


Project Leadership

Student Program Director

Tom Glenn

Delivery Architect (Functional)

Robert Doolos

Delivery Architect (Technical)

Cindy Hadden

Implementation Manager

Susan Flanagin

Project News

Week of November 13, 2017: The Project Team held feedback gathering sessions with Graduate and Undergraduate Advisors. IT Governance met on November 14. A Scenario Presentation was held for student representatives on November 17.
Week of November 6, 2017:
The Project Team held a feedback gathering session with Graduate Advisors. Two Town Hall Scenario Presentations were held to show the functionality of Workday Student to the campus community. An All Campus Summit was held at LSU Alexandria with central office stakeholders from LSU A&M, LSUA, LSUE, LSUHSC New Orleans and Shreveport and LSUS. 
Week of October 30, 2017:
The Project Team held the final set of Brown Bag lunch and learns to watch the video showing Workday Student Functionality. The Project Team attended a TSP meeting to give an overview and update on the Student System Modernization Project. Feedback gathering sessions were held with Undergraduate and Graduate Advisors and Associate & Assistant Deans and Counselors. At the Associate & Assistant Deans meeting held November 3, Robert Doolos, Amy Marix and Byron Honore presented the Workday Student Scenarios.