Sample a Class

We encourage our prospective students to sit in on a class to witness the unsurpassed expertise of our faculty and the enthusiasm of our students.

Fall 2017 Class Schedule

*Please complete the linked survey to sample an Agriculture class. Once completed, a staff member will reach out soon to setup the perfect time and class for visitors.

Class Visit Guidelines

  • Follow specific protocol and guidelines as listed on each academic college’s list of class visit options
  • Unless otherwise noted on the class listing for an academic college, you do not need to secure permission to visit these classes
  • Select a few different classes that work with your visit schedule in case one of your choices has a test or exam or is not meeting on the day you are visiting
  • Arrive 10 minutes early and introduce yourself to the professor so he or she knows you are there and to ensure your visit doesn’t conflict with any class plans (such as a field trip, quiz, or exam)
  • Your visit is subject to available seating
  • Please stay the entire class; do not leave in the middle of a discussion or faculty instruction
  • Turn off your cell phone; refrain from taking flash pictures and videos.
  • Parents/guardians and younger siblings are not permitted to attend class, with the exception of specific classes in the College of Engineering (these classes are noted on the College of Engineering visit schedule)
  • If possible, take the opportunity to speak with students in the class after the seminar or lecture
  • Before you attend a class, please review the class visit guidelines below and note that class visits are not available on the following days. 

September 4: Labor Day

October 19-20: Fall Break

November 22-24: Thanksgiving Break

December 2: Last Day of Fall 2017 Classes

December 4-9: Final Exams