Aimee Gravois Simon


Raised in a strong rooted French “Cajun” Family, Aimee Gravois Simon was born the eighth of nine children. Aimee remembers the substantial role her mother Florence played in raising her unique family, of which there are remarkably three sets of twins. As few women would, Florence graduated from college in 1929 in education. Her significant legacy of being a determined woman, influenced Aimee to be confident with any philanthropic causes.  A task with passion was always the challenge that fueled Aimee to succeed.

Aimee graduated from Loyola University in 1970, but considers herself an Alumnus By Choice (ABC) of LSU. Her husband of 45 years, is Dr. Denis E. Simon, III. He is an Endodontist, who holds an undergraduate degree from LSU and DDS from LSU Dental School, Masters from University of Texas. Together they have 3 children, Denis IV, (LSU 1999/Marketing) and Antoine, (LSU 2000/Construction Management.) Their daughter Angelle, is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.  Aimee boasts of five grandchildren; Sophie, Gardner, Lucy, Oliver, and Jude.

Aimee’s passion of fundraising plays a key role from church and school to the level of college sports at LSU. In 1996, Aimee met Former LSU Coach Gerry DiNardo’s wife Terri. Terri was interested in teaching ladies the X & O’s of college football, with a focus on the education of the student athlete. Together they would team up and the Bengal Belles Booster Club would be born. Aimee assumed the role as President of this new woman’s group, as proceeds in fundraising monies would be donated to the Cox Academic Center for Student Athletes. The LSU pride depicted by the Bengal Belles continues to thrive after 20 years, with close to 800 members annually. These strong women supporters brag to have contributed over $1 million dollars to LSU’s Athletic Dept. and LSU’s Cox Communications Academic Center for Student Athletes.  The goal is to support student-athletes in their studies, as well as in such areas as financial literacy, health and wellness, and dealing with the media.

Aimee practiced as a Dental Hygienist for 27 years but retired so she could have freedom to chair events at her children’s schools, where she was Chairman of Catholic High Mother’s Club Auction; Co-chair of the St. Aloysius Fair Gala; the Board and Ball Captain of Krewe de Louisiane, which is major fundraiser for cancer; Board of Bradie James Foundation 56, which supports breast cancer awareness and fundraising. At present, Aimee sits on the TAF Board of Directors, and she serves annually on the committee for Tigerama, which is a major fundraiser for our beloved Golden Band from Tigerland.