Course Offerings

At the graduate level, the musicology program offers a wide range of courses on historical periods (from medieval music to modern music) and genres (from art song to symphony). These surveys are complemented by a variety of more specialized seminars that teach students about important conceptual and methodological issues in contemporary musicology. Recent offerings include English Renaissance Music, Cristóbal de Morales, Notation before 1600, Giuseppe Verdi, The New York School, American Experimental Tradition, History of Film Music, Intersections in Music and Art since 1900, and Music and Disability Studies.

Fall 2017 Courses


American Popular Music (MUS 1600)
Brett Boutwell
with Katlin Harris (teaching assistant)

The Musician in Society (MUS 1705)
Blake Howe

Survey of Western Music History I (MUS 2053)
Andreas Giger
with Vivian Buchanan (teaching assistant)

Ensemble: Collegium Musicum (MUS 4225)
Blake Howe and Roxana Pavel


Seminar: Franz Schubert, Inside Out (MUS 7903)
Blake Howe

Seminar: The Mass (MUS 7903)
Alison McFarland

Special Topic: Holst and Vaughan Williams (MUS 7998)
Alison McFarland

Special Topic: History of the Symphony (MUS 7998)
Brett Boutwell