photo of RizzutoTracey E. Rizzuto, PhD

Name: Tracey E. Rizzuto, PhD

Title: Associate Director

Bachelor’s Degree: Bachelor of Science, Louisiana State University, 1998

Master’s Degree: Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Pennsylvania State University, 2002

PhD: Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Pennsylvania State University, 2004

Phone: (225) 578-2453


Office: 257 Coates Hall


Dr. Rizzuto received her PhD from Pennsylvania State University in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, with a minor concentration in Information Systems and Technology. The overarching focus of her research program is on developing human capital and organizational capacity through technology-mediated processes, with the goal of increasing access to the knowledge, expertise, and resources needed to manage change in the modern workplace. Applying quantitative multilevel and network modeling to describe person-environment interactions, she studies attitudinal and behavioral responses to large-scale organizational change across a wide variety of settings and technologies used to support post-secondary education and professional training. Her secondary research interests include workforce aging issues and understanding change reactions to workplace disasters.

She has taken an active role in research that benefits local and state interests, such as workplace disaster recovery through the Katrina Aid and Relief Effort (KARE), the Baton Rouge Choice Initiative, and smart policing and prosecution initiatives like the Baton Rouge Area Violence Elimination (BRAVE) program and Crime Strategies Unit (CSU).

She is also associated with over $9M in grant from state and federal sources including NSF, the U.S. Department of Interior, Department of Education and Department of Justice. Her research is published in journals across disciplines including psychology, management, information systems, sociology, and education, and has been featured in popular media outlets such as The New York Times, National Public Radio’s Market Place and American Public Radio Works. She was also a 2015 TEDxLSU speaker.

Selected Publications

(*indicates student collaborator)

Zhu, Y., Saeidi, S.*,Kooima, R., Rizzuto, T., & Roetzel, A. (Forthcoming). Potentials and challenges of immersive virtual environments for occupant energy behavior modeling and validation: A literature review. Automation in Construction.

Schwarz, A., Schwarz, C.*, Rizzuto, T, Roldán, J, & Barrera, R. (Forthcoming). Examining the Impact and Detection of the “Urban Legend” of Common Method Bias. DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems.

Rizzuto, T., Sang, A.*, & Penn, C.* (Forthcoming). Building Wellness and Worker Readiness among At-Risk Inner City Youth. Global Issues and Urban Schools: Strategies to Effectively Teach Students in Urban Environments around the World.

Rizzuto, T., Schwarz, A., & Schwarz, C. * (2014). Toward a deeper understanding of IT adoption: A multi-level analysis. Information and Management, 51, 479-487.

Rizzuto, T. & Vandaveer, V. (2013). Mobilizing action through professional societies. (Chapter 17). Using I-O psychology for the greater good: Helping those who help others. In J.B. Olson-Buchanan, L.L. Koppes Bryan, L.F. Thompson (Eds.) Frontiers Series of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. New York: Routledge. (pg. 529-556).

Hirschfeld, R., Cole, M.S., Bernerth, J.B., & Rizzuto, T.E. (2013). Voluntary survey completion among team members: Implications of noncompliance and missing data for multilevel research. Journal of Applied Psychology [Feature Article], 98, 454-468.

Selected Presentations

Rizzuto, T. & Moore, H. (2017). Data Doesn’t Commit Crime… So Why Do We Need It. International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) in Philadelphia, PA.

Rizzuto, T., Harris, J.*, & LeDoux, J.* (2016). Mentorship-Based Training: Not a One-Size-Fits-All Aging Workforce Solution. Poster presented to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) conference in Anaheim, CA, in April.

Rizzuto, T. (2016). Predicting the Emergence of Dark Criminal Leadership through Social Networks and Social Media. Presented to the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) Sunbelt Conference. Newport, CA, in April.

Hedge, J., Rizzuto, T., Tsacoumis, S., Alonso, A., James Kurtessis, J., Cohen, D., Mohammed, S., & Vance, R. (2015). Exploring Pathways and Roadblocks to Successful Workplace Technology Implementation. Symposium presented at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Philadelphia in April.

Sang, A.*, Rizzuto, T., & Penn, C.* (2014). Building wellness and worker readiness among at-risk inner city youth. Presented at the International Conference on Urban Education (ICUE) in Montego Bay, Jamaica, in November.

Rizzuto, T. & Brown, M.E*. (2014). Connecting people and building community. Presented to the United Neighborhood Center of America’s Neighborhood Revitalization Conference (NRC) in Washington DC in June.

National Media Features

Rizzuto, T. (2015, February). The Strength of Hidden Ties. TEDxLSU

National Public Radio (February, 2015). “Insights.” Radio segment features my research on the application of social networks for community crime interventions.

The New York Times (March, 2014). “Discriminate Against the Old? Even the Old Do It?” Article features a quotation and my research on workforce aging and mentorship training programs.

National Public Radio (March, 2014). “Market Place: Your Money.” Radio segment features my research on workforce aging and mentorship training programs.

American Public Radio Works (August, 2011). “Some College, No Degree.” Radio documentary features a quotation and my research on adult learners’ online learning needs and obstacles programs.

Selected Grants and Funded Projects

Principal Investigator, Department of the Interior (DOI), Mineral Management Services (MMS), Characteristics and Possible Impacts of the Aging Workforce Transition on the Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Industry in the Gulf of Mexico Region. 2009-2013. $196,247. Funded.

Research Investigator (James Madden, PI), National Science Foundation. Louisiana Math and Science Teacher Institute. Sub-project - Enhancing Teacher Expertise: Deliberate Practice and Social Networks. 2009-2014. Total award: $4,999,814. Funded.

Research Investigator (Cecile Guin, PI, also with CoPIs J. Barthelemy, E. Shihadeh, F. Wang, & M. Lee), Department of Justice, Baton Rouge Area Violence Elimination (BRAVE) Project. 2012-2016. $1,400,000. Funded.

Research Investigator (Cecile Guin, PI, also with CoPIs M.E. Brown and A. LaGrange), Department of Housing and Urban Development, Baton Rouge Choice Neighborhood Planning Project. 2013-2015. $500,000. Funded.

Principal Investigator (CoPartnered with Gardere Initiative and EBRSO), Department of Justice, Project Safe Neighborhoods, Gardere Neighborhood Evaluation. 2014-2016. $33,240. Funded.

Co-Principal Investigator (Judith Rhodes, PI), U.S. Department of Education, Performance Partnership Pilots. 2015-2018. $329,766. Funded.

Curriculum Vitae