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Outbound Mailing Standards

  • Outbound mail to be metered with postage must have a Postage Charge Form attached
    • Domestic and International Postage Charge Forms
    • Click link for example on “How to Complete the Domestic Mail Postage Charge
    • Form must contain typed Workday Driving Worktag and Barcode.
      1. View and complete form using Adobe Acrobat.
      2. Form Fields and barcode creation do not work when using Chrome
      3. No spaces or dashes should be used when entering the worktag
      4. Include all preceding and trailing zeroes in the worktag
    • Other form fields may be completed by hand
  • Outbound mail to be metered must have a LSU return address
  • Separate outbound mail into 4 categories
    1. Domestic Departmental Mail to be metered
    2. International Departmental Mail to be metered
    3. Mail with Postage Stamps applied
    4. Campus Mail
  • Overstuffed envelopes should be sealed closed with tape
  • Envelopes to be machine sealed, must have flaps up and be nested together
  • Contact our mail vendor, The UPS Store, at 578-2729 or store6801@theupsstore.com for USPS forms, Campus Mail envelopes, bins and trays
  • Glossy paper stock is not recommended for machine metered mail pieces. Contact our mail vendor, The UPS Store at 578-2729 or store6801@theupsstore.com to inquire if the paper stock being used can be machine metered