State Contracts

State contracts are contracts set up by the Office of State Procurement with numerous vendors for the purchase of various specified items during a given period of time.

The university has the option of purchasing against these state contracts without the necessity of developing specifications or requesting bids, which means purchase orders may be placed immediately for a faster delivery. Also, because of the volume associated with state purchases, the prices are very competitive.


Effective Monday, October 26, 2015, the eCat link will no longer be accessible on the Office of State Procurement website.  


Non-State Agencies will shop the statewide contracts through the SRM MDM Internal Catalog. Registration is currently available and agencies are encouraged to proceed with registration.


In order to register, go to:


The instructions to register can be found at the top of the “User Registration” page at the link referenced above.


After successful registration, your User ID and Temporary Password will be sent in an e-mail.  You will be able to log in using this information.


There is a help script detailing “How to Search the SRM MDM Internal Catalog” on the Announcements page.


Specific questions regarding contracts should be sent to the


If you have questions regarding LaGov processes, you can reference the “Registration / Contract Shopping Help” document.  Access to this document will be available on 10/26/15 on the registration page in the Detailed Navigation pane on the left side.  It can also be accessed in the Detailed Navigation pane on the left side from the “Go Shopping” tab in the Shop Statewide Contracts, Catalogs page.





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